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Wind waker mail sorting tips to lose weight – How do you control Medli Wind Waker?

These serve as waypoints in the dungeons and will let you teleport forward if needed. He'll teach you to fight, and after you finish his lessons he'll give you the hero's sword.

William Murphy
Monday, October 3, 2016
  • The boomerang makes these guys a lot easier.

  • Enter the forest, and look for a huge rock.

  • This resets the timer on the platforms. I wonder what that was all about

  • Hold it to the right, and you can now use 6. Your choice.

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You can also find the final Legendary Page near the southernmost pillar. I suppose this could shave some time off. Once all the pleasantries are over and you have the pearl in hand, finish any business you have in the rito village, such as handing over your golden feathers or completing the mail-sorting game. What is perfectly round, and pale? Go through the remaining door, to the north.

There's more to do on Windfall Island, but not at the moment. The walk-through section won't cover everything you can do in the game--just the major places and the items and upgrades you'll need to finish. Follow the platforms, killing everything in sight. Note that if you mess up the order and get an item not listed here and there are manyyou can buy the correct object from Zunari and continue. He will give you the deluxe picto box, which allows you to take color pictures. Use the deku leaf to glide down to the door. The timer stops.

Cut them down with your sword, then proceed. Speak with the deku tree and you'll learn that you need to rescue Makar from the Forbidden Woods. My errors and the streak cancelled each other out in spectacular fashion. You'll need to do this once more, and then you'll find your sword. The spin attack is an effective maneuver in the Forbidden Forest. Throw two statues on either side and then use the run across the raised side to access the door opposite.

The ot at the top will close, and the bird will make it through at the last second. If you use your item that can pierce distant targets, you might be able to harness the power of the whirlwinds that Cyclos has control over. Go through the east door. Also, as you haven't really gotten a chance to notice yet, the little baba buds that shoot you up in the air refill a bit of your magic each time you enter.

More Tips and Tricks

There's a hammer switch down there. It's a small reward wker the risk of getting shot with lasers, but a young hero needs all the cash he can get. To open the sealed north door, pick up the large round seed in the northwest corner. Use your Deku Leaf's windblast to blow away the small brown leaf piles and reveal minor rewards. The number of items hanging on the walls

At the end of the stairs, a blue pathway leads up to a ladder. And you use your shield Use the boomerang to make an easy task even easier. I tell you, there have been a lot of strange things going on here at night lately.

Now you know where the name comes from. Gather up the rupees and then go through the huge wooden door. Use the flaming stick to light the two unlit torches, which will make a chest appear. Now head to the next glowing door, on the western wall.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

Go into the cafe above Zunari's shop. MKM, do you have any tips for me? I never used the technique for throwing a letter before you selected the right slot.

Let the winds of Cyclos's wrath blow you away!!! Use it to open locked doors. Go forward, hugging the right wall so you go up the waer path there. That's the Tower of the Gods, and you gotta go in. Jump across the platforms, swinging from lamp to lamp using the d-stick up and down to gain momentum though you won't need to here, just for future reference and the A button to let gountil you reach the end. That's our destination.

You may encounter a floor master as well, a scary hand protruding through the floorboards. Shoot a fire arrow at the weighht, then use Medli to turn the black chuchus to stone. Buy the bait bag, some all-purpose bait, and one or two hyoi pears. If you scatter some all-purpose bait near the rat hole in this room, you can buy a red or blue potion from a rat.


Climb up to the small alcove above using the nearby block, and open the chest to get the compass. You'll see a huge stack of blocks in the stop overeating master class reviews room. Cross the bridge when it appears, pick up the statue, and then head back into the main room and place the statue in the recessed area to the southwest of this platform. Go to the cafe above Zunari's shop use the Song of Passing if you're impatient and talk to her. Talk to the teacher, who will complain about four hooligans in town.

The passage will emerge on a high ledge in the sun lkse room. Inside you'll find:. I clinched a threesome of 31's today myself with at least one missed throw each time, so 32 should be done tomorrow and am experimenting with various techniques for honing both control precision and reaction time. Throw a bomb flower at both the rocks in this room to uncover a warp pot and a door.

Talk to the woman standing near the windmill. Before leaving, note wakdr warp pot in the room. Equip a fire arrow and fire it into the lighthouse bellow as you pass it, which will ignite the lighthouse and reveal an invisible chest on an island. Now return to the sun mask room.

Navigation menu

Take out the Green ChuChus and avoid the grabbing vines and head to the next room. It's written on yellowed parchment and looks quite old. Target three to five vines, throw the Boomerang, and run a quarter of the way around the room before targeting more vines. At this point, you take control of Link.

We must turn back! Even worse, you're in no condition to fight enemies now, so you need to be stealthy. Hop onto the other one yourself, and unlock the door at the end. Speak to the Great Fairy to get the second Wallet upgrade, which can hold Rupees.

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Head sroting Dragon Roost Island and look for Medli. Return to the huge chamber with vines on the wall. First, head back through the eastern door. Grandma will ask you to go find Aryll, so run back to the lookout and climb the ladder. You'll reach Windfall at night, and the place is deserted. Step on the switch, and then jump forward to the swinging lamp.

She glimpses Link, and her eyes widen in joy. Magtail Room: That little worm across the way is the eponymous Magtail. Talk to him again and he gives you a second test. He will be so blown away that

After the fourth bud, hop onto a set of upper branches. Me, I'll backtrack. Is Wind Waker HD better? He sells the sail, so talk to him and choose the top option to buy it. Right into the ocean! But fear not! Big Pit Room: There are several moving platforms here.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Medli will follow you to the entrance. After you kill the bokoblin here, you can use his sword to break the boards. What is perfectly round, and pale? Have Medli fly to the eastern ledge and reflect light on the three statues to receive a joy pendant.

Inside are the power bracelets. Kill the flaming skulls, then use the grappling hook to reach the statue. Continue back to the central chamber. Board weitht gondola, and use the leaf to move the gondola forward by waving the leaf away from where you want the gondola go. Besides, using the Grappling Hook allows you to steal quite a lot of things Exit, and follow the walkway around. If you scatter some all-purpose bait near the rat hole in this room, you can buy a red or blue potion from a rat.

Cross the long bridge until you reach the weeight. Use the skull hammer to bang on his helmet. Your next stop, officially, is the Forsaken Fortress. Use the shield to deflect the octorok's attack, then go through the door to the north. Trade him the fountain idol for a big sale flag. Some of those are as annoying as hell, cause some of the panels look the same. Go through the door, and use the grappling hook again.

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Cut them down with your sword, then proceed. When the guard is eliminated, the searchlight will stop operating. Buy some all-purpose bait from Beedle if you need it, and then to head to Greatfish Isle. To do so, you need to have the Triforce Chart nr 8. Before or after speaking with the great deku tree, you may want to find a firefly, as Lenzo requested.

I did notice that you can start throwing a letter before you select the right slot -- if you switch slots right after the letter in Wakrr hand dissappears, he'll throw it to the next slot you select. I might check it out tonight. Now it's off to Forest Haven. I'm looking for an alternate host. This fight isn't too tough once you get the swing of it. You want it to blow toward the cavern entrance. Go through it and back into the cavern.

Again, defeat zorting wind waker mail sorting tips to lose weight vulnerable chuchus, then look for a banner that has a bit of light streaming through. Jump on the newly created platform and ride it up on the fire spout, then jump to the ledge. Side Quest 2 Answers Where are all the killer bees on wind fall? Make your way to the northwest corner of this maze to find the picto box. Inside you'll find a complete walkthrough of the game, descriptions and uses for every item you'll find, and much more. To access the next area, you'll need to grab a jar and jump over to the platform, and then throw the jar on the bubbling area where the fire spout emerges.

A complete Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker walkthrough

Your reward is the boomerang. Side Quest. For now, head into the nearby door. Be careful though, the game has a limit at approximately After a few hits back and forth, he'll miss and hit the ground.

In exchange, she will throw you an empty bottle. Play the "Earth God's Lyric" to open the door, then pick Medli up and carry her through the doorway. Equip the skull hammer and target the skeleton's skull with L. User Info: Semper You have a moment to stop once a searchlight or a guard sees you, but don't move again until you're in the clear. Go to Ice Ring Isle.

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He'll give you a legendary pictograph. There are seven in all, and he'll sortiing them out according to the phase of the moon. Either throw Medli up to the next level, or command her to fly. If you fall, you'll need to use the grappling hook to cross the gaps in the stairs. Attack the resident magtail until it rolls up, and then place it on the switch.

  • If you set up your swings and don't spend a lot of time on the ropes, you'll pass this tricky test with flying colors, matey! Korok House Room: Use the Boomerang on the five cables holding up the house and it will make a nice big hole in the floor.

  • Note: no need to fly, get at the bottom of the house and climb the fence, the pen's small roof and finally the house's roof. Do I need to tape everything, beginning to end to prove to you that I beat the record?

  • Go back down the ladder and back into the room you just left. Hold down L to lock onto the old man.

  • Now, it's a race to the top.

  • BK: It's a smart strategy and I can't deny whoever it was posted it earlier the credit. When you reach the top, use the grappling hook to swing across to the little island between the waterfalls.

Drop down again, and use the buds to ascend back to the branch where you obtained the deku leaf. Go through the doorway. If so, return to the room on the western side of the first floor, where you first went outside. Head west and drop to the floor. There are two visible eyes in this room. These light stairs appear after you kill all the chuchus.

In the next room, you'll find more water-filled vases and your first magtail. Jump over to the chest to get the weigght map, then pick up another pot, throw it on the lava, and jump to the other side. Jump up to it and set a Tingle bomb to find the third Tingle statue again, you can only do this with the GBA. Throw the second bomb into the vase on the left, then jump across.

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Ask the people of the Rito tribe who inhabit this island about how to see the dragon. Across the rope bridge and into the door. Climb up the ladder leading to the south alcove and open the chest inside to get a Small Key.

  • The bird takes a hit and ends up dropping the girl in the nearby mountain summit.

  • You'll do this and more. Grab the key from its nest and go through the nearby door.

  • Inside is a chest containing the Compass for the Forbidden Woods. Apparently, he's been kinda moody lately and that screws up their society.

  • Use the stick to light the boards. Use the mirror shield, by assuming a defensive stance with the R button, to reflect the light onto the symbol.

  • Your reward is the boomerang.

Get Link against the wall and facing it, ,ose using the L button to position the camera so you are looking right at him. Pay attention! Most power issues with the Wii can be fixed by resetting the AC adapter. The door to the boss's lair is to the north. Hit it with your sword and various things will come out, rupees, hearts, etc. You're back at the beginning.

Head west and drop to the floor. Of mai, the hardest two positions are the middle ones since you can't just slam your control stick to the corners. Make your mail sorting tips to the large cavern and go west along its border until you come to a block. It will be repeated three times, but write it down if you think you'll forget in the next minute or so. But for now, head to Outset Island. I want to know if I could just tape the following since I didn't get it on tape: Start the game up, go to the Mail Sorting booth and talk to the guy, he says something like Cut them down with your sword, then proceed.

Before leaving, note the warp pot in the room. You'll have to win four auctions to get them all the first will give you a joy pendant. She'll give you a piece of heart as a token of her appreciation. If you time it correctly, the rock will be destroyed and the water will return, allowing you to swim to Dragon Roost Cavern. Talk to the fairy, who will grant you the power to use ice arrows and fire arrows.

Her name is Tetra, and she doesn't seem to think much of you. You should see a tall structure in the distance, aim for that. At the balcony's southwest end, a blue pathway winds upwards. You're teleported outside.

Press A to see short descriptions of the items. Tip: Slash down the grass as you make your way south to create a path between the vines. The Sea and Sailing 3D. Shoot him with arrows as he tries to suck you in. Go in and give this kid Medli's letter. You got some Red Potion!

Next, you'll need to descend the ladder that goes into the sea from the lookout tower. You need to get to the cavern. Shoot the eye to access a chest with a treasure chart. Note the propeller along the wall--use the deku leaf to activate it, then jump into the wind and activate the deku leaf to reach the upper level.

Thanks again, boss! You can keep a variety of things in bottles. You got the Hero's Shield! The prince gives you Din's Pearl. Say hello to him.

Head back to those red plants you saw before by climbing the broken eind bridge and use the bottle to water one and make it grow into a bomb flower. I look forward to the day that we meet again. He called this island cursed Fortunately, time's stopped, so you don't have to worry about that. When she makes it up, she gives you a bottle. Target three to five vines, throw the Boomerang, and run a quarter of the way around the room before targeting more vines.

  • Either leave the room through the east door back to 3F's fifth room, or use the nearby Baba Buds and your Deku Leaf to reach the narrow platforms high above the floor. High atop this island's peak lives the spirit of the skies

  • Command Medli to fly to the same door. You can try to take it out with arrows, but it's easier just to jump across and hit him with your sword.

  • When controlling the bird, press [A] to flap its wings and [R] to quit. You have to be proud about that for at least one day!

I'm in the second part where you have to sort 20 letters in 30 seconds. Shoot the eye to access a chest with a treasure chart. You would need way too much of a random break. Make your way through the stream to the great deku tree.

The nearby ledge is also the tto of the fourth Tingle statue, so use a Tingle bomb to reveal the chest. Talk to the hat-wearing leader, and they'll challenge you to the pastime of juvenile delinquents everywhere: a game of hide and seek. Use the skull hammer to bang on his helmet. Throw it at the big stone in the center of the basin. Before boarding the pirate ship, make sure you visit Beedle's shop, which is a little boat just offshore.

Since you never know when you will get a good score that may be a record, you can't just keep recording in some situations as with a camcorder. Hey all! You'll need to kill the wizzrobe with arrows this time, unless you want to traverse the gap. First, grab a stick and light it. Hello, I'm new.

  • Fire Mountain C6 - Aim an Ice Arrow at the flaming fire coming out the mountain to freeze it for five minutes.

  • User Info: TuccessfulSroll TuccessfulSroll 9 years ago 1 there's probably no advice you guys can give, but just in case there is, i'd like to know how to get 25 on the mail sorter game.

  • After watching some more scenes, you'll find yourself on the boat. I gotta tell ya, you really helped me out back there at the Mail Center.

  • You got a Knight's Crest! Destroy or avoid the Green ChuChus and grabbing cables to the south, and go through the south door.

  • Other than that, it's rather straightforward.

  • Use a bomb to blow it up, and drop in the hole.

You'll need to make it to Outset Island before daybreak, but don't worry. Wait for the whirlwind to get close, and then jump toward it, activating the deku leaf. You'll be transported to the bell tower. Forgot your username or password? It could happen, but not more than once in a blue moon. Use yourself as bait. When you reach the top, you'll fight a kargaroc, which will drop a golden feather.

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Once you t taken the three pictographs, Lenzo will ask you for a firefly, which you don't have. Looking at the dungeon map, note that there are two routes through the second floor. This will destroy the feather, allowing you to open the chest, which contains a treasure chart. Go into the cafe above Zunari's shop. You want to get 25 or more. Before you enter the dungeon proper, you'll need to cross the small lava river blocking the way. Make your way to the gondola platform at the opposite end of the room.

The earth spirit, the Deku Tree, has seen fit weeight give you this jewel, a treasure of the goddess, Farore. Me, I'll backtrack. Tilt the C-stick up until the little zoom meter says 4X, then pan down a little. A lava vent shoots out horizontally at this point; wait until it stops before climbing to the top of the ladder.

Then hit the other switch to raise them again. Dungeon 2: Forbidden Woods Wood h. Check the Islands of the Great Sea section for a complete listing. Face me and press [B]. It's also quick and totally free, so what are you waiting for?

To get to the first one, pull out the waier from the north wall and use it to get up to the north landing. Over to your right and behind two barrels is a chest with a compass. South Room 1F: Drop Medli on the switch near the other door. Turn a bit, then let go of R and start swinging again.

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Follow the path up the hill and around the bend to some trees. Use Bombs to blow open their doors. I think he sounds like a cross between Barry White and the teacher from Charlie Brown, personally. Fully equipped and ready now, Head back to Tetra, talk to her, and choose the top option so you can sail off to adventure! The big one turns into a weird glowing sphere. Go out the door up top.

You may get smacked in the head by some cannonballs, most likely after pose a watchtower. Fully equipped and ready now, Head back to Tetra, talk to her, and choose the top option so you can sail off to adventure! Then stand on it and pull the block in front of you out one notch. Hop across to the platform and give it heck while it's curled up.

Find the merchant and trade him the exotic flower for a sickle moon flag. Use the mirror shield to reflect light onto the small statue to destroy it, then reflect light at the large mirrors, which will destroy the large statues. On the town's door, put a Postman Statue in one of the pedestals then get down to talk to Gummy seaman near the postbox.

This high-tech type of Picto Box can lose weight full-color pictographs. You can also use it to blow a gust of wind, which is also useful in various situations. Wqker specific objects by holding the button you set it to and aiming at something until the red targeting cursor changes to a [Target lock mark]. Anyway, another key point to remember is on the north side. Spread bait near it to get a sketch of the island on your Sea Chart and a few clues to the island's secrets. That's right Inside is a Yellow Rupee worth 10 Rupees.

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You can't manipulate these items, but you can view descriptions. Pull the left statue towards you, then the center one left. Tingle proves useful v. Open the chest for a Joy Pendant. Head back down the ladder, down the ramp again, and when you reach the hall, turn left so you're heading in the direction you were back when you first entered and go through the door at the end. Hold down L to lock onto the old man.

Pick up the statue and leap across to the exit. Note the two statues holding vases on either side of the river. Smash the skull to permanently dispose of the skeleton. Put on the iron boots and walk up to the green statue. Question Status How do I solve the puzzle with Mila's father and the vases? Lead it around the walkway until you are near the entry door. Pull on Valoo's tail to drop the roof on Gohma.

When the Bokoblin is defeated and the searchlight disabled, climb down the ladder, backtrack to the start of the blue pathway that led up to the ladder, eind enter the room. Do it now, and see what you can see! You accepted a Note to Mom! Stand on the south platform and use your Grappling Hook on the overhead pole to reach the east platform. It's lying remarkably like a ramp, so let's use it as one. How could you? Speaking of your sister, she saw me at work the other day, and she said she wanted to learn to carry jars on her head like me so she could help your grandma with chores.

They are challenging to wind waker mail sorting tips to lose weight with a sword, and fighting them may get you knocked into the lava below. You can target him while holding the button to block his attack with your shield. Just be quick with whatever you decide to do, or you'll be sucked back to the beginning of the dungeon or somewhere else that isn't where you were. Grabbing cables drain your Magic Meter when they latch onto you, so defeat them quickly if they grab you. Look back where you just jumped from, and to the right and below that ledge, you can make out a crystal switch.

I'm starting to get a bit hooked on this game. I think I've gotten 7 in a row before. When you enter the dungeon, immediately note that the water level is rising and falling. Shoot them with arrows to stop them use L targeting to make this easierthen hit the purple gems on their backs two times each to kill them.

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In the case of the moving ropes, it's advisable to wait until they stop moving to jump. Once up there, kill lose weight bird, and go across the ledge, again being careful of the flame spurt. Move slowly to the south side, where you find a Bomb Plant and an alcove sealed off with wooden beams. Note: If you met Cannon while exploring Windfall Island, you might not have much sympathy for the man who tried to sell you 10 Bombs for 10, Rupees! Press [A] again to throw it. When you clip all its wings, it switches to ground mode, where it's basically a normal Mothula that can take quite a few more hits.

If you do accidentally get the water, leave Forest Haven and wait 20 minutes for the magic to run out. Throw her toward the ledge. Cross the bridge when it appears, pick up the statue, and then head back into the main room and place the statue in the recessed area to the southwest of this platform. Use the flaming stick to light the two unlit torches, which will make a chest appear. When he opens up, toss a bomb in. With a single throw of your boomerang, sever the five vines holding up the large, central room. Use the bud to shoot yourself up to the next level.

There's a treasure chest blocked by a flower. If you have a large amount of chuchu jelly, take it to the Chuchu Jelly Shop, where the proprietor can turn it into potions and fill your empty bottles. Quill will appear and tell you an interesting story. The route that goes along the eastern side is the better of the two, if only because it makes sneaking past the final guards a bit easier.

Do a few of the Outset Island side quests covered at the end of this sectionif you'd like, and then head into the forest, high on the mountain above sortig village. There are plenty of side quests here, some of which will earn you wind waker mail sorting tips to lose weight rewards and some of which will earn you next to nothing. Side Quest 2 Answers What is the answer to I can sail upon water or be filled with it. Head to the small alcove in the southeast of the entrance, and go through the door when the water level lowers. You won't be able to attack the black ones. My technique is to linger on the green triangle bottom middlemoving away from it for hundredths of a second at a time to throw letters and then moving back equally quickly.

Later, she will send you a piece of heart as a reward. Beat the high score of 20 moves, and you'll get another treasure chart. On a ledge near the town center, above the archway that leads from the docks to town. Ride the platform down and jump to the nearby doorway. Release control, pick up the statue, and carry it out of the room. Find the school near Zunari's shop. Return to the huge chamber with vines on the wall.

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