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Walking 10 000 steps a day to lose weight: Why 10,000 steps a day isn't enough to stay healthy

Harvard Health Publishing says this two-pronged approach is actually the better strategy for weight loss.

William Murphy
Friday, July 28, 2017
  • For weight loss, also work on eliminating empty calories and getting good nutrition from everything you eat.

  • No need to worry, Bev. I noticed my fit bit is a great motivator, on a really good day, I may hit my 10,

  • Many people work desk jobs that have them sitting down for eight to nine hours a day. The role of exercise and physical activity in weight loss and maintenance.


I wonder the same thing. All too often, the littlest thing can send me down a spiral of negativity. To better understand how Fitbit trackers calculate heart rate, check out this Fitbit help article for an in-depth explanation. Thankyou so much for this great product. Thanks a lot … not….

My other Fitbit would register around 12, My fit bit stdps riding my motorcycle in distance and time, calories burned. Inches are coming off but pounds are not…. I also walk for 30 minutes each morning before work. We started out with a setting of 3, and I will be thrilled if I ever meet that. Read more: Sit at a desk all day?

Lastly, you try syncing using your computer. I always had more steps because of the pattern I walked. Doctors started questioning me and thinking maybe I was only stressing myself. Honestly, we're inspired.

  • I do 10, steps a day, sometimes more.

  • When I get home I know what I have to do to up the steps. It can be surprising how much stronger you feel or how much your endurance improves after a day of rest here or there.

  • Hi George. I ordered the waterproof on especially for this purpose however the site says splash proof but the insert says waterproof.

  • We can do it!!

Tudor-Locke C. The only thing I do not like or have on my fitbit Alta is the steps I take each day. That is running not walking. Previously, I had been using the Health app on my iPhone to track my steps. Keep up da Good Work. I hit 7, by the end of the day, but had an unusual amount of work to do. Will increase steadily!

Sometimes over 30, I have a dog, so I'd take him on short walks, and I did walk around a bit at work, but I ate whatever I wanted, t tasted good. I still needed to walk the rest out in my bedroom at times, but I was falling into a better routine of getting more steps earlier on in the day by taking prolonged walks. My wife got me the fitbit Blaze for Christmas and I love it I am 70 years young and have been walking for ten years daily.

7 benefits of upping how many steps you do a day

She walks miles every day. Arndt dwy that her clients aim for 10, total steps a day but notes that isn't a realistic goal for everyone. Am I missing something? Starting at 3, is Great also…. Walking can be great exercise -- but is 10, steps enough to keep you fit?

I found 10, too much for an 86 yr. I did the elliptical for 30 minutes in the morning and was already at 4, by a. Lo's Rep Workout. I also walk with a friend who wears a garmon. We started out with a setting of 3, and I will be thrilled if I ever meet that. Still I average around a day.

Please please can someone help me how do I reset my Clock on my FitBit? And I have bluetooth on my iPhone? I'm not a morning person. Table 5 Multiple linear regression models between physical activity and functional fitness.

Appointments at Mayo Clinic

This study involved a large number of participants aged 60—80 years and had zteps high external validity. I had foot surgery in April- complete with metal hardware, etc, and I was in a cast for months and then a walking boot. Have had my Fitbit for 18 months now. Am a convert already.

Whack on a health podcastaudiobook or playlist and walk for the length of time it plays for. I was always more successful at getting my steps in on weekends when I didn't have to work and was generally more active. You've probably heard that you should walk 10, steps per day for fitness and weight loss. Eat something, then walk to a super market and buy food etc.

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It takes the average brisk walker, 15 minutes to walk a mile. I have owned a Fitbit Blaze for a short time. I also walk with a friend who wears a garmon. Sometimes over 30, It's no secret that daily exercise is important no matter how much you hate itbut are those steps that our fitness trackers have long been coaxing us to walk really that important? When her doctor diagnosed her with liver disease caused by being overweight, she decided it was time to make some changes.

Love my Fitbit! Reported PA levels had weak correlations with the fitness test results range I had a heart scare Afib, in early January. Keywords: older adult, functional capacity, strength, aging. Walking is my exercise of choice because I like using my own body weight and find it so therapeutic for the mind. This content does not have an English version. Maggie…good for you!

I got myself a little dog a month ago followed by a Fitbit wwlking weighed in yesterday at 20stones 13 lbs…. Is it reading my general arm movements when I am working or for example changing greater in the car? Then upon entering, I was around the perimeter of the store once before grabbing my cart to shop. I get I.

Is 10,000 steps really the magic number to hit for optimal health?

I have been on it for about 4 weeks and have lost 18 lbs so far. This number will have changed over the last year as walking 10 000 steps a day to lose weight daily routines changed —lunchtime walks to grab a Pret lunch or trips to assuage your caffeine-monster being nixed with working from home. Who would have guessed such motivation could come in such a wonderful little package! My weight loss also motivated a lot of my co-workers to be healthier, and it felt great that my journey helped to inspire others. Hi, I have just got a Fitbit as a present, could you tell me how I get the steps back to the beginning as it says I have done or more steps first thing in the morning before I have done any.

Forget the treadmill, unless it is a manual treadmill…. Walklng a real person will sort your problem by exchanging messages. I struggle with the weight due to not staying disciplined enough by eating properly. I use my Charge 2 with 1 lb. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. I was walking on my treadmill every few days, but it was tough getting to 25 min 3. Just trying to stay healthy.

I enjoy wteps all the success stories and maybe someday that will be me. Depending on your lifestyle and available time, Avant says there are several approaches you can take to incorporating more walking into your day. If your current activity level and step count are on the low end under 5,you may want to start by adding to steps per day. If your Fitbit tracker continues to give you extra steps, reach out to our support team via our other support channels so we can help get you back on track! Type keyword s to search. I still teach and take care of a big house and large property.

Burning Calories for Weight Loss

Any suggestions. Ever since I got one, I at least manage to do anywhere from […]. Thanks for your question, Judy. If you take your dog out twice a day for 30 minutes or so you will get k in. Medically reviewed by Debra Rose Wilson, Ph.

My Fitbit has changed my life. Even though I had to 01 more time walking and working out during this challenge, I was able to accomplish more than usual. It takes me more than 30 minutes to get 10, steps — usually most of the day. Keep going Maggie. Latest Stories. Starting a walking program.

I had changed my goal to 8K when I was in a slump 2 mths ago. Sheps my Fitbit charge2 also count distance covered by byke or car as a stpes. Multiple linear regression was used to examine any relationship between PA and functional fitness. It seems that by just moving my arms and type at work that it is adding to my steps.

  • As a result of that I m obese.

  • Most people achieve 10, steps by taking one or more sustained walks or runs, the equivalent of 30 to 60 minutes of walking. Thanks for your question.

  • For additional health benefits, the CDC recommends doubling that goal and fitting in up to minutes a week of moderate-intensity or minutes of high-intensity physical activity.

  • The only thing I do not like or have on my fitbit Alta is the steps I take each day. Will fitbit track biking?

I walk a lot but my fitbit has increased my interest a lot!!!! I have no car, and walk to work South Koreaso I am at 13, steps per day. To see where Fitbit is sold in your area, visit our retailer page for a list of sellers. The acceleration from my leg is much greater than my arm.

Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. I am so motivated to get to the 10, mark daily. Weight and stay below a certain BMI they can bounce me out and I would be at risk of losing two retirements. They can be 2, steps different.

The history of the 10,000 step rule.

I set my daily goal at 11, steps. Be sure to praise yourself for each of your achievements — good luck! My goal for is to lose 20 pounds. So how do you manage fitness goals if you have an autoimmune disease and are in chronic pain? Is this common?

You are doing everything just about right. I started taking my small dog on multiple walks around the block per day. Sounds like someone read the Addictocarb Diet! I can walk non stop all day and it might read steps. I did get over 10, one day last week. I used it sporadically.

That equals the minimum daily exercise recommendation from most health authorities to reduce health risks. Read this next. A HIIT workout involves short bouts of highly intense exercise with limited breaks of rest or low-intensity exercise. Even walking 10 000 steps a day to lose weight oose process of aging is natural and inevitable, an adequate level of PA should slow down the loss of functional and physical abilities and help maintain a healthy way of life for elderly people. I get a reminder at 10 minutes to each hour to move. In terms of energy consumption, estimated by the IPAQ, moderate PA was dominant compared to walking and heavy PA, and accounted for almost half the energy consumed in both men and women, regardless of age category.


I wanted a Fitbit but kept putting it off until I was offered a chance to purchase one using my employee discount which was given as a Company Perk. How to See Results without Running or Spinning. Is it a defective fitbit or have others noticed big inconsistencies?

  • I have a family history of heart problems but have continued to have good check ups annually. After syncing you, should see the data.

  • I really like my fitbit, but I have to take exception to the notion that 10, steps a day is easy. It also requires a commitment from you to put your health first.

  • If you are new to exercise or in a rut I highly recommend Fitbit! Sports Med.

  • This has been great motivation. Not sure I understand the math here 5 miles in 30 minutes is 6 miles per minute.

  • If you need addional help, please feel free to reach out to us via our other support channels. As long as you sync your Fitbit tracker dailyyou can use the app or web dashboard to view your daily stats.

Low carb and high fat, moderate protein aa helped me lose weight! Today's Top Stories. It sound bizarre but if I walk past the closest bus stop on to the next one just to get the steps. The US Department of Health and Human Services also recommends two days per week of strength trainingbut your pedometer won't pick that up, so I often left the gym having less to show for it step-wise than what I really did.

New to fitbit altra. Then I had a back problem for 3 weeks and could barely even walk, but once I was back on my feet I got going. The kind of exhaustion that brings with it a sense of satisfaction. I got mine for my birthday dont even want to take it of to charge it love it one of the best things I got justcant leave it down not hitting my target yet but I will soon. We Found Out. In Australia maxed at 29,! My goal was steps a day and I surpass that every day.


Even easier: Many sreps estimate calorie burn based on your step count. Boron not the acid variety has been shown to work under medical supervision! I have wi fi connection and it worked for the couple months I have had the Fitbit just three days ago would not sync. I liked my surge, will I regret buying the blaze, anyone have a comment or has done the same thing.

Not sure what to weigh. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. We hope to get you back on track soon! Ive been told that the regular stuff you do doesnt count. Lara is also a former elite athlete, and has traveled the world as a member of the U. I have a fitbit charge 2 for 1 day so far! Water, miles and anything else that will help me understand it.

  • A great inspiration. In reality, I am doing 2 x 30mins a day on a mini-trampoline that way I can exercise regardless of time or outside weather at home.

  • I find it very motivating and I am starting to feel great. Just got my charge 2 Fitbit today.

  • Hi James, thanks for your comment. Inches are coming off but pounds are not….

But don't be too hard on yourself or too rigid about hitting it. This study has shown that both men and women become less and less active with the increase of age, and hence this negatively affects their muscle strength, endurance, and body structure. Table of Contents. On some days, I really have to go the extra time to get my 10, Go deeper than "I want to lose weight.

Andrew Merydith. I walk steps 5 times a week covering 7. This is one of the few things i agree with AHA. There's no point trying to walk 20, steps a day if it doesn't actually work for you although one woman did.


Fitbit deserves full credit for giving me the incentive to do this and the complements I receive makes it all worth it. Simple Ways to Burn Calories. Ricardo Caceres.

I love it. According to the Department of Health and Human Eay you need at least minutes of moderate aerobic activity such as brisk walking or swimming or 75 minutes of vigorous activity such as running or dance cardio class every week. I do hours of water aerobics per week, but unable to clock it. See how you do with that, for a few days, and adjust where necessary. A nice story about the 85 year young lady, who started at 79 years.

When I go to our area Meijer super store, I park in the very last spot. Keep up the good work my Fitbit comrades. Yesterday i found out that my fitbit blaze is tracking my steps while im sitting down, eating. Could barely get to 3, steps a day but made 5, on yesterday. I hope to get this much in a couple times per week along with 10, on other days. You should try it too.


I have lost weight and I love the calorie meal counter. But the reduction in risk appeared to max out at about 7, steps a day, and researchers found no additional benefits to walking 10, or more daily steps. Not only does it count steps, it acts interested in me. But last moths calories burned is showing in my Fitbit.

  • Please let us know so we can help provide you with specific info to help you better understand the tracker and how to use it.

  • For each domain, participants recorded the number of days and time spent each day undertaking vigorous and moderate-intensity activities separately along with the time spent walking.

  • On training days, I usually reach 20, to 25, steps. I lose steps per day minimum.

  • I only get to 10, when I am out visiting a park, mall, or sighting seeing.

Depending on your lifestyle and available time, Avant says there are several approaches wwlking can take to incorporating more walking into your day. I love my Fitbit! I have to walk over 8 miles at a 14min a mile pace to get 10, steps. I will be able to use longer or shorter routes depending on how I feel and the weather. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

  • I was doing 30 minutes of cardio and about 30 minutes of weight machines days a week.

  • I was aiming to hit 10, a day everyday in but have already fallen short 2 times this week! Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think.

  • I had the same problem but this solved it!!

  • Please advise.

  • I quickly discovered that the more I pushed my body physically, the easier it was to focus.

But, for the average person, walkinf 10, steps a day really enough to be considered active and healthy? You burn more calories per minute when you get up and walk, and even more if you run. I purchased a fitbit zip last week and started walking on a new trail close to the house. I have orthotics and try to walk steps per day, but, that is not enough.

It was literal miles ahead of my average, but still under what I needed to get. God Bless! And does how you get them really matter? Yet I love to walk. Am I reading correctly that a healthy person ought to do this in 30 min? You are doing everything just about right. Lieberman wrote in his recent book, "Exercised," that the Manpo-kei translated as 10,step meter was invented in the s by the Japanese company Yamasa Tokei — the producer of the first commercial pedometer — which chose the name because it sounded good.

Simple Ways to Burn Calories

Georgia Parker Oct. I also run up and down the steps a few times if I get a stteps. Depending on your lifestyle and available time, Avant says there are several approaches you can take to incorporating more walking into your day. Hi Steve. The number of steps you aim for in a day should be based on your goals.

I find I hit 10, everyday while caring for my 4 small grandchildren! My Fitbit One is not syncing. For the first time in my life, I consistently woke up before I had to. I got more done in less time. We are so glad that your tracker and Adventures are helping to motivate you. What a high when I reach my goal.

I love the hourly reminder for my weekends, three weekends in a row I got my steps in every hour which for me is 9am pm, I love seeing all the areas flash with completion. I can do 10, steps but it causes too much pain as I have a damaged back. Thanks for reaching out, Sarann! When I walk for 30 minutes I get no where near steps.

Why 10,000 steps a day isn't one-size-fits-all

When I first started my journey in May da, at a weight of pounds, I had the goal of getting under pounds by my 30th birthday on December I truly believe that people werent meant to be on antidepressants for the long term. We do not recommend that you swim or shower with it on. It encourages users to achieve the goal with stars and digital fireworks […]. Completing an extra 10, steps each day typically burns about to extra calories each week.

It will use your phone gps just have to give Fitbit permission to access that data. To help, there are handy conversion charts you can use to translate non-step movements into steps that do count toward making the 10, mark—or whatever step goal you have for yourself. Influencing Factors. We hope this helps and we wish you well in all your health and fitness goals!

Folding squat racks offer a convenient, space-saving option for weightlifting at home. My kids gave me a Fitbit for Mothers Day. Sports Med. Without bending the knee, participants slowly reached forward sliding the hands down the extended leg in an attempt to touch the toes.

The average adult needs to do about 20 minutes of moderate exercise per day

Good for you, Snazz. The band counted my steps, miles walked, connected to an app on my phone, and even tracked my sleep patterns. See where you currently are for total average steps, on those days. I usually get up, walk to the underground station in Berlinchange to another underground line, change to a bus and walk to the office.

  • Hi Nina. We hope to get you back on track soon!

  • And there's no need for an expensive membership at a fitness center.

  • Hi, Renee.

  • Medically reviewed by Peggy Pletcher, M.

I couldn't just count on an extended Target trip to help me out. Stepx run my own cleaning business and also do boxing training. I wasn't able to make it happen that time because I prioritized my writing deadline over my step counting. I found that after my bad knee was replaced and it been 3 years. Struggle for Five more. However, aside from that, you can try wearing it on your ankle to see how it works for you. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.

Which is the most active country on weekdays, hour by hour? It takes me more weighh 30 minutes to get 10, steps — usually most of the day. After feeling the need to exercise to lie down til the feeling passes I have found that steps a day is not as hard as I thought. Advertising revenue supports our not-for-profit mission. Steps to better cardiovascular health: How many steps does it take to achieve good health and how confident are we in this number? I have a desk job but have recently started shutting my office door and turning some music on for 15 minutes while I get up and dance!

Senior Fitness Test Manual. Studies stepss found that the average American adult only makes it about halfway to a goal of 10, steps per dayalthough those who wear an activity monitor or pedometer may log more steps than their non-tracking counterparts. Read this next. This assumes you eat the same amount of calories each day. I started a day after my physical and monitored this for a year.

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I know its because i hold my hands. Move more and sit less the NEAT way. I took mine off to get in the shower and now will noy show my steps taken. Please advise.

There's just something counterintuitive about doing a tiring activity to help you feel less tired. Plus, when you're intentional with your stepsit gives you a sense of purpose, a boost of confidence, and a way to fight stress, says Mackie Root, an instructor for Onyx and the founder of ReadySetActive online training. Today I crossed my 3rd time Fitbit steps completed I changed my life style with Fitbit Charge 2. Read our editorial process to learn more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.

You might lose up to 2 additional pounds per week by burning 1, calories a day. I have zteps sleeping much better since I started taking 10k steps daily. Walking for fitness: Overcoming setbacks Walking for fitness: Staying motivated Walking for fitness: Warm up, cool down Walking group Walking and trackers Walking poles Walking shoes Walking for fitness Walking with ankle weights? Free E-newsletter Subscribe to Housecall Our general interest e-newsletter keeps you up to date on a wide variety of health topics. I think fit bit one should come in a different color if it happens to fall off jeans in restaurant difficult to find on dArk floors.

I have had mine for dalking days and I am surprised that I am doing to a day with not much effort. I do aboutsteps per month. I love my Fitbitbecause it motivates me each day …. It all keeps me motivated and aware of making my steps count

It has really help in many ways. I did not know at the time that it would encourage me to walk more. Am clocking an average of stepswith inlyca slight change in lifestyle.

Start where you are and gradually increase your activity week by week. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Body weight was measured to the nearest 0. The Best Pedometer Apps of I was quite athletic and an injury made it hard to even play with my kids for 2yrs. Overall, Fitbit wearers walked 7, steps per day in winter and 1, more steps per day in summer for an average of about 8, steps. I need help.

My friend and I both have Fitbits we do similar exercise and work but her Fitbit counts up sometimes double the steps mine does. You won't continue with aerobic activity you dislike, so pick something you do prefer, such as a hiking or dance classes. You can monitor your step count in many ways, including wearing a pedometer, fitness tracker, or activity monitor or checking a pedometer app on your mobile phone assuming you carry it with you most of the day. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Start where you are and gradually increase your activity week by week. Thanks to my hubby!!