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Nokia 1208 sim ic ways to lose weight: 08447 88 00 88

Finally, someone thinking outside the box! I is payins da billz on time like a mutha phucker and these fools be houndin a player.

William Murphy
Monday, August 14, 2017
  • Not as accurate as GPS but pretty awesome for such an old-fashioned-looking phone.

  • Even the entry level retail and care associates that come in here are less than adequately informed when they make comments or are emotionally charged.

  • How Many Days yung stand by time ng pag txt lang gamit nyo??

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Do you know any workaround? Even its precursor Nokia was better than this phone. Sagar try to delete your message folders.

The phone comes with a 1. Plug in your MP3 player and host your own music lkse This stylish and sleek metal pen uses magnets to hold itself in place. Wasted Rs Awsme set. Charging stations and battery adapters are widely avaiable. Every time that happens, the media gets hold of it and all kinds of articles are written in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the TV network news programs talk about it.

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All three of my remaining lines are out in September. As far as the automated system is to avoid customers with phone issues going to customer care then eventually going to tech care when they can go to tech care directly. Please people, cut it out already. What was once a running joke that tenured agents would be the first to go is now a VERY real reality. It was the same customer service place, and to this date since March of this ye. So if you live in the Bronx you would most likely get an outsourced repif you called from home. Their voice recognition sucks when you call.

Kinda brought a smile to my ugly nokia 1208 sim ic ways to lose weight. This is a T-Mobile fan site at its core so of course we all want to write rosy things about the company we love. If it ever gets to where you say, that prepaids have to start charging as much as post-paid carriers, or close to it, then I will declare all out war with the carriers. So true. And honestly i love reading how people bitch moan and groan about what a rep does. Best decision of my life.

This is the ultimate Star Trek co llectable nkoia An officially approved replica of the original series co mmunicator. Make sure the wrapping is really thin and does not put any extra pressure on components when you close the back cover and it should not block any cover fixing holes. Followinh headaches i went through which made me to sell it. With graphical icons and large font sizes the Nokia is an easy to use mobile phone that aims at first-time mobile phone users.

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I hope that Nokia noticed it already. If I may ask I have this phone month ago.

Therefore, there is no difference when you turn on as headset tto speaker. I have bought it just two days back and the result is disappointment. Very Sexy Look i like it thank you Nokia. Unlockapedia is an impartial service to help you find out all you need to know about mobile phone unlocking. Conclusion: Don't buy it. Thankfully, you have an electronic locator to help you find it.

How you ask? Nice Trendy Fone! You can smother your lips with these dark, white and co ffee scented lip glosses and your hips will never loee a thing. If you have an ace up your sleeve, now is the time to use it! I suspect that these were proposed versions but since there is virtually no market for monochrome LCD phones everyone wants colour or touch screen phones at this price range, they were not produced. When you are in calls with high volume, the conversation is very clearly audible to the person beside or next to you. I also bought this phone.


No comments:. A monopoly over GSM service. Well said 45greens!

As paying customers postpaid and prepaid we have the right to call as often and for whatever reason we like because we pay ot salary, that means you work for us. I called and called and got promise after promise, excuse after excuse, but no help. I have to admit that I was a top paid rep and had been there forever and saw it coming. The 21Mbps chips for smartphones are still too big.

Or is T-Mobile contending that the customer is free to choose a different T-Mobile phone? FlexPay, Monthly ti prepaidActivations and number transfers have always been outsourced, but the obvious follow-up to this is why wouldnt it be? And finally any job you are at runs the risk of ending, hell look at Enron overnite people lost jobs, savings, ks. They do whatever is possible to assist and make customers happy.

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This is horrible. Not possible. There was 0 accountability from Executive leadership down, marketing, retail, CS, pretty much everywhere.

Battery time is excellence. Nokiia flashlight is also handy for those dark evenings when I'm driving home or romantic torch lit dinners with my wife. Cancel Overwrite Save. So this unit it good for my needs! So before buying, I read the reviews and was suprised to see more negative comments.

Very handy phone. But the drawbacks it has are much more serious than any good thing it has. The Nokia phone supports WAP push, so you can subscribe to daily services and have weather reports, sports results, and traffic updates sent automatically to your phone. After one month of usage it stopped sending SMS. This fone is available Pakistan for rupees, sleek,stylish,slim,good batterry timing,easy to use, and has a good soft keypad.

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I have not found this set suitable in any kind. Don't worry as this RC is the nearest you'll co me to driving the real thing. Break the

Nokia has made this move to cut the price. The battery takes long time before it get empty. Just note wwys the speaker is on the backside so you have to turn around the phone while making a call. Hi suriya,most probably ur ph has got software problem. Ear piece sound is not proper and mainly the whole internal mechanism is vibrating.

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Nokia has made this move to cut the price. And I have only 2 to 5 msg in my inbox. N simply rocks!!!! Not suitable for children under 36 months and certainly not suitable for apprehending intruders. Bought it yesterday This phone is good

Brilliant budget phone. Bad one. So cauation WAIT till next firmware update approximately 2 to 3 months. How about you? Cancel Delete.

Although… did T-Mobile turn down nokiq iPhone? Of course Sprint is interested in protecting itself. One, you pay the early termination fee to cancel your contact or two, we let you switch to it without paying the fee as long as you agree to fulfill the original terms of the contact. This post holds Nokia N95 Charging Problem.

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A year is a flippin long time days! Well i have one. Select Language.

It restarts lot of times when i try ,ose send sms. How you ask? U - Just Another Unlocker v2. The Nokiareally does'nt have anything to offer, except that you can make calls and read texts, typing text is a problem cause when you press the 8 key, 0 key also gets pressed. How Can i Remove the cover? The phone has no problem.

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My kids are constantly telling me to update but this still does all I need. Ideal cutting. Once you connect those just tell us that you got it successfully without any problem. Simplicity is best! When you eventually arrive at your destination, it folds simply for easy storage.

  • Unknown August 20, at PM.

  • Im looking for another job, but so are the other people that used to work at the call center.

  • Nokia has a network up-down problem and restast densly.

  • I like when someone has nothing valuable to add to the conversation so they make some off-key remark and choose to totally ignore the context of the original conversation.

  • Remove battery. The battery takes long time before it get empty.

  • That is how you got a no contact plan but are still in contact.

AFAIK, they were never given an wags to have it. You can change your plan, upgrade your phone, make a payment… most phone issues are even resolved by lose weight the simple instructions in the support section. So basically, I just lied and said I needed an activation and got to a live person. I totally forgot all about that! I even remember when it was introduced, Tmob execs acknowledged that it would cannibalize some of their business. I never asked to be transferred to some foreign idiot who asked me to give them all the information again when I was promised that my account would be returned exactly as it was from day 1. BS there going to let go from 10 thousand to about 40 thousand retail store reps from both side of the companies.

The study presented here is briefly described for reader convenience and to deliver them assurance with health standards. Simple yet it gets the job done fast and easy. But this time alone, it's really quite disappointed for me. Very handy phone.

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But if all you need is a cheap rate plan, you can go cheaper than T-Mobile. How about MetroPCS? And competition will ensure a vibrant economy and keep prices down. Your own ignorance blinds you.

Weigght CSR was angered at me, the next thing that happens is that my account is past due. The IVR change just happened, so there is no way that could have been involved in the survey results. More on that later. Your business is important to us and we value your time. There has been an increase of reps being fired or people like myself that have found another job. I say its just another step in ensuring longer wait times by placing customers into a longer queue.

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With all the apologetic snow-blowing bullshit you are throwing out, it would definitely appear that you are…. It is really hard for me to sit there and sell stuff to a customer that just lost their job. And why would a rep, whose conversation is being recorded, inform you of such list. They are part of the domain he uses for the site. While they were working on my problem, they had me wait on hold 3 or 4 times, which was fine. For some reason, my Tmob phones have completely shut down about twice a year. All better now?

Here is the diagram of Nokia PCB. It would actually be the largest carrier without the iPhone. Now on the other hand I am for the merger. I totally hear all sides of the argument, but it seems that the reason why we are discussing this at all is because the root issue is that people are calling into customer care and are on hold for a very long time, an that this is a stark change from the way things used to be. No more asking for a representative directly, no more straight answers.

Nokia 1202 - Specs

Very simple phone not complicated i like it. This set is no doubt very good set if we do not compare it with android phone. I bought 2 of these phones.

Get into character with this bionic Darth Vader arm kit. I just Bought this Phone coz i heard that this phone last for nokia 1208 sim ic ways to lose weight Thanks Kanisha. I actually like this phone and wish that it is the problem of having a particular defective unit, rather having the whole production being defective. About ur Q, during a call, 's speaker its amazing loud and clear, but a little too loud. Sagar try to delete your message folders. Hi Users, Can we send the text to more then one person at a time???

All companies have IVRs, ism companies outsource prepaid support, all wireless carriers believe it weight not are actually here to make money. But yesterday when I called it was almost like one of my first times calling CS a very helpful, pleasant, quick response. To the folks at the corporate office of T-Mobile USA, I would have to ask, do you really think you will have a job when all is said and done? And yes, if you call weekday during day you will get great cs. But to regular people who know little or nothing it may sound good or valid. It should be possible to refer back to the log and the recording at least the log.

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Hope i'll get it back in good condition by 10days. NOKIA Lumia Remove the lock code by flashing the device in NOKIA If you have forgotten the security password also known as a lock code for your NOKIA and there is no other way to perform the hard reset you should try uploading a new firmware by performing the flash operation on your cell phone. This is definitely an upgrade to the Nokia

  • No mobile network in India work on frequencies different than this range. So when you hear the sound, the front or the back all Ok to pick up a phone call.

  • Got through within 5 minutes, and the reps were very helpful and resolved my issues. Top management was notorious for that.

  • Bitcoin is a digital payment currency that utilizes Canada Bitcoin Profit cryptocurrency Web Bitcoin Club a digital medium of exchange and peer-to-peer P2P technology to create and manage monetary transactions as opposed to a central authority.

  • You can smother your lips with these dark, white and co ffee scented lip glosses and your hips will never suspect a thing.

Check wqys how to accomplish Hard Reset by hardware keys and Vendor settings. Friend it does not have radio!! I bought this phone a month back,and there was this freaky feature or a fault may be i dnt know,the voice of the other person was coming from the loudspeaker instead of earpiece i checked it so many times. It's time for some shock therapy to teach them a lesson about being organised. End of idea. Love this phone.

And hopefully take you and the new Mrs. And I am also feeling their rapid CS decline. They make you wait for almost one hour to answer and at the end not really helping you. I used to really like being a T-Mobile customer, and considered myself to be a loyal customer. Iit would be obscene to suggest people dont need to call care.

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So yes, you are absolutely correct. I wanted to change 1280 primary line on the account because only the primary line can see all activity on tmobile. Verizon has too much of an ego so shortly after, they follow suit and price it sightly higher. I am sure you will be called a ATT troll any moment now. When I called and asked how this may breach the contract and agreement that I entered into and that I do not agree to the changes, I was not given any options except to cancel my current contract and enter into a brand new contract.

I just waste my Rs. I would gladly buy two. Communications at its best! I updated software but problem still. It would be blisteringly hot, just like this detailed trigger gun co ntrolled replica! Weight loss is a general issue that almost anyone wants to solve.

Any damage is permanent in many cases, ie you drop it into water too it won't dislay forever. Battery life is end within a year. I have this fone frm last one year. Computer co mmodities trade price list. I bought it three days ago but I charged it almost everyday. You need to charge the handset two times a week with a normal use.

Its awesome. Too much vibration!!! Nokia is worlds th largest company in terms of revenues according to Fortune Global list. Use the co mpass point alignments to accurately project the stars ac co rding to your location and time of year. Since gamez is the only entertain on it.


Just GO! Again thats how I first signed up to get a better deal. And competition will ensure a vibrant economy and keep prices down. See, I knew there would be others who would claim this has happened to them as well.

  • Whit disply s nice lokng. Cool cell phone.

  • If you are lazy enough or just dont want to well go find something else, hell go pick vegetables in the fields or go framing houses, granted. Stop this acquisition before it turns in to a major catastrophe!!

  • Grab this Headline Animator Nokia X white screen display IC jumper ways Nokia charging ic jumper solution test If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. This is an authentic reproduction of the No.

  • Nokia's are always best. The battery is original and seems to last forever.

As a former employee and my mother is a former user sin I switched to Verizon they can get data actually. I am sure you will be called a ATT troll any moment now. Oh, I understand about paying bills on time and all of that. THEY will decide whether or not they want to remain competitive.

So use the nlkia crusher and make it fun! Also, there is a noticeable and irritating vibration in the top half of phone when your caller talks which is due to metallic interiors of this phone. Just insert your SIM card! The phone has no problem. I also did the same thing with the holes at the back and now the phone works perfectly fine.

Nokia 1202 - User Reviews

And even employees have to pay that if their service is interrupted. Its not all their fault there is pressure from call center managers to hit certain numbers. That makes no sense.

Nokia Users Guide. Then why not try this Rugby Challenge game and give your fingers something to aim at in the form of a giant H? It is a nice phone, portable and easy to carry. Please suggest me Wat Should i do to increase it.

  • This brand new replacement full body housing cover face-plate for your Nokia at an unbelievable price, is the perfect combination of superior protection, unmatched quality and stylish design and is used to replace your broken, damaged, scratched body housing for your Nokia Stoke your engine and enter into the world of the Fat Controller, with this easy to set up scale train set.

  • Yes, it will. How much understanding needs to go into a prepaid account?

  • Please help me with this.

  • Nokia i,Contact Service Problem.

Another thing you should realize is that ATT has plenty of spectrum, they failed to utilize it the correct way. I have called T-Mobile twice this week and have 2 minute wait times to speak with a US based service rep who gave me the same excellent service I have always had from T-Mobile. And the one guy can gloat how he sabotaged my account to show it was days past due and how that ruined a perfect 8 year record of paying to T-Mobile. They did not have such great phones until recently. As far as the automated system is to avoid customers with phone issues going to customer care then eventually going to tech care when they can go to tech care directly.

Labels 8 7 9 2 1 1 1 1 3 3 5 s 2 A 1 c 2 e 2 helpbook 24 HTC User manual guide 24 ji 1 ji 1 kg 3 kg 1 mobile 35 mobile repairing 40 N87 1 nokia 1208 sim ic ways to lose weight 8 N95 1 Nokia 76 Nokia 1 Nokia i 1 Nokia 1 Nokia 10 Nokia 1 Nokia s 10 Nokia 3 Nokia 1 Nokia c 1 Nokia 8 Nokia ne 1 Nokia 1 Nokia N91 2 Samsung 5 User manual guide helpbook 24 x 1 x9 1. This is a perfect example of the old adage that sometimes you try to save a dime and end up spending a dollar. Google has the network. But yesterday when I called it was almost like one of my first times calling CS a very helpful, pleasant, quick response. If your remote needs a battery change? Call and asked about new plans and options for renewal. The people I have talked to recently at T-Mobile definitely sound like outsourced help desk for the company i used to work for.

Maheshwari GSM December 2014

Low Price but very good in Quality. This Weeni co n set co mes co mplete with glass beer tankard and bottle opener. As of this writing, Library Genesis indexes close to Nokia , keypad light solution. Love this phone.

  • I understand inexpensive, but this is WAY to the extreme Comfortable key pad 4.

  • If you think T-Mobile is bad, try calling everyone else! I had to wait for as long as 45m once during that time, and no less than 20m or so.

  • The page is mobile-review. Slim, excangeable cover.

  • Whats a the diff! The other ATT, once again,the customer will suffer.

  • Try to Put ur Index finger on the back side speaker of the phone. B Mike.

Simplicity is the Best! Normal usage doesnt lasts for even 24hrs. Reply should be sent to [email protected]. I also own other multimedia phones but when it comes to ease of use, this Nokia is the best! The phone has no problem. I think this is a real great article post. Its very slim.

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And the one guy can gloat how he sabotaged my account to show it was days past due and how that ruined waye perfect 8 year record of paying to T-Mobile. This post holds Nokia N95 Charging Problem. Now who is the idiot? I love when people act entitled like you do. So you are passing judgement on an entire group of people based on your experience with 5 people who may or may not actually be Mexican? They have been scared of new technology.

Longfellow, A Psalm for Life. Now i understand there are alot of ways for customers loee do things on there own and if they feel like using the automated system or tmobile. How are tens of thousands of jobs going to be created?? I am not quitting, but I went on a leave of absence to get healthier.

Nokia G20 is here

Sorry but your job is one step above the guys a McDonalds. Dan I to am a customer service rep that has worked there for 4 years. And you are customer service. I posted b4 he did and his ppost knocked mine down under his so it looked like I was complem45enting him, when in fact the complement was for 45greens.

N91 Keypad Ways Problem. That fee is hardly different than the fast food industry making all their uc off the inflated costs of drinks and fries, or the printer industry with the price of their cartridges. Read more ». They were going to do it anyway but instead held back on it and decided to use it as an excuse for the merger instead. I honestly cant figure out what the need is to call T-Mobile so much for anyway. They could care less about TMO customers. Have Never had any problems with TMobile over the past 10 years.

How Can i Remove the cover? Berbagi ke Twitter Si, ke Facebook Bagikan. If you are someone from the field you would already be familiar with these two names, for those of who are new. Friend it does not have radio!! Get into character with this bionic Darth Vader arm kit. Men This Phone is the bomb wow with its capability to connect a lot of people on conference Men my sis kid play with they throw it on the floor, into the water.

  • How to Reset and Unlock Nokia Keypad Phone Nokia phones are feature packed with the latest technology and data options. There are times when I've had the phone in my pocket and still could not feel it vibrate!

  • I traveled over miles mainly midwest and east coast the past two years. Because we also supply the latest unlocking equipment worldwide you can rest easily knowing that we know what we are doing.

  • Open battery cover, put this wrapping inside so that it covers the back side specially at top. For me, This phone is still Ok since the price is only Rp

  • Called and talked to a supervisor.

  • And battery has increased life.

  • Its complete bull crap!

Well, there it is. Remember, the customer is not mad at you, but you are representing TMo, and TMo is what they are upset by. That new deal included agreeing to a two year contract on both lines, with nokia 1208 sim ic ways to lose weight data on each. I will admit that every time I get through their customer service is extremely helpful. For example, if you call in with a tech question refuse to give your info then you get a care agent, after wasting their time for 5 minutes with questions they cant answer you are transferred to tech support, well had you followed the prompts you wouldve routed there first instead of going to the care agent who could have been serving someone else.

I do hate outsourcing of customer care. I was wzys when the Razr came out and tmobile did not want to deal with the bugs of a new device, well att took it and the rest is history. Not anywhere up to the previous standard and an embarrassment to parent company Deutsche Telekom in Germany. You have no clue what loyalty is!! I saw Sprint recently was giving an extra minutes for people signing up but that promotion ended…Maybe ATT will offer a special deal when the merge happens or Sprint will when they get the iPhone. More on that later. As far as it being a buyout…This is clearly correct.

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The boat has built-in rechargeable batteries, which the base station can recharge in 5 minutes. Speaker is at the back while the microphone is in the front. This stylish and sleek metal pen uses magnets to hold itself in place. No use of this mobile because of the above two problems.

  • Diposting oleh max di

  • I wanted to change the primary line on the account because only the primary line can see all activity on tmobile.

  • ITS A very good phone.

  • Lock and load. Aug 22, 20 light problem solution with samsung diode Nokia Light Problem repairing solution.

  • She put me on hold to review my account and transferred me to post pay customer service.

This is absolutely right on target. That is not the case with rate plans. A big LOL! We have many years experience and our on site engineers can unlock just about any phone on the market.

The phone being shut off temporarily where you can only receive calls is bad enough. Whether you are a rep, a senior, or a coach. To make it even worse, official communications from T-Mobile in the form of Scoop articles are obvious manipulative propaganda and damage control — not really trying be completely straight with the customer, in my opinion a lot of carefully placed words in order to paint the rosiest picture instead of explaining the real possibilities. I had both and had multiple phones from both of them.

Nokia 1110,1112,1600, Keypad IC Jumper Solution Ways All

For men who want to lose weight successfully. Really nics phone and it has easy to use user interface! Now you can too with this desktop toy.

  • Nokia sim ic jumper ways. Sequences do not include making a cup of tea.

  • I do hate outsourcing of customer care. Or is T-Mobile contending that the customer is free to choose a different T-Mobile phone?

  • Please advice.

Therefore, this wwight an elimination of competition, even at the price of giving up huge concessions to other carriers. In my 5 years as a customer care nokia 1208 sim ic ways to lose weight 9 out of 10 times the only reason a call ever gets past 30 minutes is the customer wanting something they are not entitled to receive and keep going in circles until they throw such a fit and demand a manager. T-Mobile USA did not sell out, it was sold their is a difference. Kinda brought a smile to my ugly face.

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This Handset i think vary good. We make it easy to find your correct Nokia replacement battery at a great price. Feel free to add or update the hints by sending a pull a request. What's the real SMS capacity of the ? If i can How? I will definitely apply this solution to my phone, too! Does it have a loud speaker?

It is wrong to say oops I went over my minutes several times in a year and expect not for your bill to go up. Removal of features is something that they do NOT want to happen. I now have loud, crisp, clear no static at all call quality just as good as my friends on Verizon call quality. I find corporate spin offensive and unnecessary. I always thougth their was a blacklist or a way for them to flag certain customers what stated belowyou have to ask, why would they do this to their customer…we are all paying to keep their jobs.

I am tenured but feel like a new rep sometimes. I want to preface this by saying that I am a T-Mobile customer care rep the opinions are my own and not that of T-Mobile, etc, etc. Sue Nokes was no savior or protector, just another upper level executive directly responsible for missteps. Understand that just because it is run off a computer system doesnt mean that the higher ups from Bellvue Washington allow a rep permissions to do somethign they dont want us to do. It just would be nice to research a company review comments without having to read people post personal assaults at others.

Nokia mobile phones are available in Srilankan markets starting at Rs. Could someone tell me whether has the same sound leakage problem which has please? I use this phone but voice quality like very poor. Good luck Nokia. Pliz tell me what kinda game in ?? This mobile is not available in pakistan it is discontinued here. Me also got so many problems within two days.

Lol nations spectrum exhaust…its more like a personal problem. David, I am sorry but you are misinformed, T-Mobile is not out sourcing anymore and definitely not to the countries you have indicated. You sir are an idiot. Fancy phones will continue coming out and rate plans will continue to change. I ask to speak to tech support, and they always refuse. I completely understand the frustrations of people here on Tmonews and even those who are not. Nokia Asha insert sim solution Nokia x memory not work please help nokia c auto lcd white after sec nokia lcd light problem nokia E battery connector ways need c LED New ways E lcd problem nokia x battery discharging please help quick nokia asha no display i need nokia keypad problem nokia x1 keypad not working nokia key pad and 2 sim not working plz help me Nokia xpress music still cam not working print is missing Request Nokia X Headset Jumper solution nokia c without sim card is normal dcontact service rm thai lang pack anyone can help nokia n lcd ic jumper plz Nokia c Not working display backlight nokia insert simcard new solution nokia e n nokia handfree mode solution.

See, I knew there would be others who would claim this has happened to them as well. Obviously Dave you have never worked retail or had to deal with customers of any sort. And even employees have to pay that if their service is interrupted. And hopefully take you and the new Mrs.

FlexPay, Monthly 4G prepaidActivations and number transfers have always been outsourced, but the obvious follow-up to this is why wouldnt it lowe Another fan site should pop up? The Sensation and myTouch 4G slide should have had nothing less than 21Mbps down. I used to be able to talk toa live person in five minutes. Its part of life. And competition will ensure a vibrant economy and keep prices down.

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Flashlight is handy. In the last few months we've seen a lot of Weibht Care Reform rules and regulations being introduced by the Health and Human Services Department. Nokia light solution remove ic and coil Solution Nokia audio from conector 0. Have a happy canine Christmas! Hi,Can someone tell me that is really can have talk time until 8 hour? Hey what's this? Share from page:.

In AugustSiemens won a Bought it as my 2nd set, a week ago, from Singapore Plaza Rawalpindi. It's getting very loose but it's due to age I guess. Simplicity is the Best! Now all you need to do is find the sun — good luck with that! WHERE is everyone getting their phones? You have remained in right site to start getting this info.

Now you can too with this desktop toy. Main languages. In an hands noka experience, i reckon that the big keypads are the top feature of this phone, the camera, just beautiful, the screen, bigger than any phone i have ever seen, and the gps, what can i say about that!!!

The phone also has a built in LED flashlight if you are ever stuck in the dark common in India with bright enough lights to let you avoid cow dungs etc. Mar 14, 20ignal No Network repairing solution. As we know that nokia handset is a colored handset and i is black display and is a yellow display but we can make them any of we wantlike if we want to make to i. It's a great 4n.

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Judging by your post, you must work in Marketing. I hope you find a job soon. I tried to go into a corporate store ot they called the customer service number and we gave up after one hour. Same with a Sprint phone on Verizon. Bottom line, a consumer buys a cell phone, they should be able to use THEIR property with any carrier of their choosing. ATT, 3. Bottom line is that these are for-profit companies but there will always be lower cost options.

Ergonomically superb styling, cool monochrome backlit screen, battery lasts ages, basic handsfree and aim wants to steal it like they did my Nokia and Nokiaxpress music. It has sound leak. What will I do? It is a simple, sturdy and extremely reliable cellphone that does its job. This little chopper is small but precise and easy to co ntrol, perfect for first time indoor flyers. So this unit it good for my needs! Bravo Nokia!

I could not hear from the earpiece. Mix and match 5 different co lours and let them glow into the small hours. I had this phone a while ago but I lost it! Sometimes I think about this fone otherwise Nokia who made this fully faulty fone to jeopardise customers.

T-Mobile apparently wants this buyout. But come on. Who cares. This doesnt make since and becasue of it it woudl only piss customers off more. Nokia problem x ringer problam plzzzzz help for x on off way

A monopoly over GSM service. The last 3 straight times I have had to call T-Mobile, I have been sent to a person from Asia, with a very heavy accent. I disagree. Next morning, checked account again, still noticed something fishy.

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