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Kribensis eating eggs to lose weight: How to Tell When a Cichlid Is Going to Have Fish

Protein is important because when you reduce your calorie intake and begin to have some weight loss, inevitably, a percentage of that will be muscle it's not just fat you're losing , per the Mayo Clinic.

William Murphy
Wednesday, September 21, 2016
  • A good quality fish food that is made for the type of fish you keep. Females can reach 60mm.

  • You ought to drink plenty of water and follow through with the steps to maximize your weight loss. The egg fast can also help you lose weight and break a stall.

  • The first four sets of legs have tiny claws that help in feeding. Their fast breeding might be one reason why ghost shrimp are used as feeder food.

  • If you're short on time or running low on groceries, amp up the flavor and fat-burning potential of your omelet with a simple sprinkling of black pepper. The diet plan helps to enhance weight loss and shed excess pounds of body fat quicker.

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While on the egg diet, you should avoid all foods containing refined grains like white bread, white pasta, cakes, and pastries. Fire up the stove and start chopping! Keto Pumpkin Whoopie Pies. Therefore, cutting out more fiber from your diet may not be a good idea.

Sometimes they may spawn in the wrong water kribensis eating eggs to lose weight, but wdight eggs will not hatch, or if they do, you end up with a batch of fry almost all of which are of just one sex. First food: Ideally small pond foods, microworms, and newly hatched brine shrimps, but liquid fry food followed by finely powdered flake usually works well. The Nitrate is either 10ppm or 20ppm. I cant stress enough the importance of NOT overfeeding!! Half fill your aquarium with water. Set up your tank.

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The kribs largely ignore the mollies and the white clouds unless they get too close eghs the fry, and then the kribs only give a short chase, never catching lose weight to either mollies or white clouds. If you want to try breeding ghost shrimp successfully, set up a heavily planted maternity tank and remove the female after she releases young. Better, find a dealer that has a breeding pair. Then just wait for mother nature to take it's course. If any fish are missing then search the tank and remove the dead fish otherwise it could rot and pollute the tank. The cloudy bacteria laden water will be filtered allowing the filter to have an instant colony of beneficial bacteria. Then carry on the water changes and water tests.

That means at breakfast time, you could have two poached eggs and a piece of sprouted whole-grain toast for only calories —which is less than some energy bars which, it's also worth mentioning, are typically loaded with sugar and won't keep you satiated for nearly as long. Drink plenty of water or calorie-free beverages throughout the day. Complex carbs also protect against disease and help to control weight in a balanced diet program. This egg diet for weight loss is easy to follow, but you need to use it only for one week. While using water-based cooking methods is the healthiest option, you will need oil for frying or scrambling. It may also help prevent unhealthy late-night snacking 4 Sasha September 17, at pm.

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  • Eggs are extremely healthysince they are full of protein and nutrients. When eggs are served alongside the right ingredients, the final product is a health-boosting superstar breakfast —whether that's in the form of an omelet, scrambled eggs, egg cups, or a delicious egg dish.

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  • Day 3 here and only down 0. All your questions answered

A breakfast omelet made with a couple of eggs and some vegetables makes for an excellent weight quick weight-loss-friendly breakfast. Bob January 22, at pm. Read more. We strive to be objective, unbiased, honest and to present both sides of the argument. While it may not be wise to eat as many as six eggs a day, eggs make a healthy addition to your weight-loss diet. Many studies have shown that consuming eggs helps you feel fuller for longer and has other health benefits.

According to Baensch P. They are beautiful, and even more so as their colors wax and wane. High nitrates can kill shrimp. Another danger to your fish ot from dissolved copper which can come from copper pipes. Remember to put all these objects back in the exact place from where they were removed, this will reduce stress to the fish in your aquarium. Mine won't stop lol. Whenever they reach the capacity that they can carry, they turn around and exit the burrow, depositing the sand outside.

Tank Preparation

Aggressive fish should not be kept in the ro tank as the ghost shrimp. Click on the links below for a guide on the specific species. Some freshwater shrimp will breed readily in their holding tanks while other requires salinity in the water to breed and for the larvae to survive. Depending on the occupants of the main tank, the new fry and parents might be able to survive there.

  • Water that comes into contact with copper will slowly absorb the copper.

  • Eating a high-protein diet has been shown to boost metabolism by up to 80— calories a day through a process called the thermic effect of food 11 Argos AO.

  • They are compressed food tablets that dissolve slowly over sevearl days. Amano shrimp usually feed off algae so their grip does not need to so tight.

  • This brings are neatly to spawning triggers, events that cause fish to breed. Look at the gills they should not be red in colour.

  • Avoid other bottom feeders such as catfish which will disturb the kribensis, especially when they are breeding.

If it is not possible to nullify the concentration, the concentration should not be allowed to exceed 20ppm. When you feed more food than your koi can eat then this will stay in the water and pollute the water causing pollution which may make your koi ill. Do not clean with tap water or cold water because this will kill off the essential bacteria that biologically filters the water. I reintroduced the male after eight hours and they quickly started working together again.

New in the box. Occasionally from the rotting of a dead fish or other water borne eatijg can cause pollution as well as dead plant material. With many livebearers it isn't a good idea to move the female when she is within a few days of giving birth, as the stress often leads to miscarriages. Or is it just a waste of money for me to get them?

They're low in carbs.

The temperature and water parameters like pH should have equalized enough not to shock the shrimp. I kribfnsis continue to suppliment their diet with daphnia and cyclops, as both frozen foods are a little larger than BBS and are healthy for their digestive tracts. They will then go through a ritual of shimmying behaviour to each other.

  • Dave 66; not sure what question you think I asked but I'll ask again. The tropical freshwater tank.

  • Eating eggs for breakfast may increase your feeling of fullness and make you automatically eat fewer calories later in the day. Like scrambling, omelet recipes adapt well to incorporating leftovers you may have.

  • Water chemistry: Adaptable, but soft and slightly acidic to neutral is best. At that time, the female will use her swimmerets to disperse the baby shrimp into the water column.

  • During this time there will be an excess of ammonia and nitrite.

Kribensi sales have also suffered from a series of food scares over the past two decades. You can find plenty of low carb breakfast ideas, many of which feature eggs, on this page. Eggs are also listed as a 0 point food in the Weight Watchers program. Like many foods, you can incorporate eggs into your diet strategy.

You only need a nonstick pan and a little healthy weight. Eggs are cheap and easy to prepare. Catie January 8, at pm. The women, who were following a low-fat diet, were asked to eat either two eggs a day for breakfast, or have a bagel. David Derrer on WebMD, eating the right kind of protein in your diet can help you get rid of body fat effectively. How you cook your eggs may help or hinder your weight-loss goals.

What is the Egg Diet?

This is why you often see 'stunted' krib in many fish stores. Cherry shrimp are also pretty hardy, and do reproduce somewhat easily. So for these reasons and your enjoyment of the hobby, it is important that you only keep one species of shrimp per aquarium. Sand is not so good for plants because it is too compact.

Eggs help keep bones strong and healthy. Eggs are an excellent source of nutrients, plus they're a rich source of protein and fat, per the USDA — two macronutrients that play an important role in weight management. This will help make you feel fuller for longer and reduce the tendency to snack during the day. Though the study did not specify the exact composition of the high-protein breakfast, eggs are a way to increase the protein in your diet in an easy-to-prepare food that is suitable for a wide range of appetites. By now, you know that not all fats are created equal.

  • Well I have just removed that chunk of cucumber, left it in overnite, between the pleco and the kribs, they ate most of it!!! I don't know if this would work for the other Pelvicachromis's.

  • Previous Post Mermaid Jello Shots. Like scrambling, omelet recipes adapt well to incorporating leftovers you may have.

  • All freshwater shrimp moult their exoskeleton every few months as they grow larger and their old exoskeletons become too small.

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So the old adverts which urged us to "Go to work on an egg" could have been right after all. This can help shrink your waistline, lower your cholesterol kribensis eating eggs to lose weight and give you that flat-belly look you crave. Plus, the yolk contains half of the protein found in an egg, according to the USDA. Yes, eating eggs everyday all day can get a bit boring so this is a great way to switch it up. David Derrer on WebMD, eating the right kind of protein in your diet can help you get rid of body fat effectively.

Can you help me? However remember to remineralize it to the right levels as shrimps do need some minerals to grow well. A bit after they release their eggs take them and put them back into the nain tank of shrimp. Breeding It is very easy to breed ghost shrimp.

Types of Live Rock Available for Hobbyists

Mexican Hot Chocolate Fat Bombs. Further Reading Whether you're drawn to the keto, low-carb or low-fat diet, they all have the same thing in common. The study compared people who ate energy-deficient diets with either a bagel breakfast or an egg breakfast.

I totally understand. Does an egg breakfast contribute to weight loss? Yes, you can bake eggs. Fat, too, is satiating — it slows digestion, leaving us feeling fuller longer, according to the Harvard T. Eggs are extremely healthysince they are full of protein and nutrients.

Kribensis prefer soft neutral water but can breed in a wide variety of water conditions. Treat with the latest white spot medication as well. Hope this helps - if you'd like to fo more - you can email me or visit me web site shown below to see my kribs and how I do it. I reintroduced the male after eight hours and they quickly started working together again. I don't really trust large siamese with the fry. They are bred in captivity throughout the world and have generally been used as feeders for larger, more aggressive fish.


What to Eat on the Egg Fast Just like any other diet out there, different variations exist. The egg fast is good to stay on for days and not meant to do long term. Int J Obes Lond. Currently in a keto stall.

Now everything becomes easy and should be a more relaxed routine. How to help shrimp molt with molting problem Molting, like kribensis eating eggs to lose weight natural eatinv, does not always happen without issues. This is not a good sign. Which type you choose to use is a personal choice. Cherry shrimp are also pretty hardy, and do reproduce somewhat easily. No messing about there. Sounds like a good idea, I've had female kribs seem to completely abandon their spawning site only to find a mass of fry ten days after spawning with the "neglective" mother gaurding them furiously with a little help from the male If you do end up buying a new male, buy it from a different store than the female was purchased.

For example, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition said that even people with diabetes could eat eggs a day without health complications. Studies have repeatedly shown that lose weight meals, especially when paired with a source of fiber, promote feelings of fullness and reduce food intake during later meals compared with other meals with the same calorie content 78. A large egg also contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They're easy to incorporate into meals beyond breakfast: Egg salad sandwiches make for a nutritious and comforting lunch. Eggs have many benefits for your health, and people who consumed between one and three whole eggs daily had improvements in several areas of health.

It only takes minute quantities of the common gases such lose weight ammonia, carbon dioxide or insufficient oxygen to poison or drown fish. One is the digestive system of the fish and the second is overfeeding. In addition, be beware they are strong enough to be able to jump out of a topless tank so a fish tank cover might be necessary. Fingers crossed they give it a bash They originated from a mutation in Japan, leading to one of the most extraordinary popularities in the modern world. Just so you are aware that all of those behaviors can, and will, change with little or no warning, right?

The simple way to start breeding fish

In any case I haven't seen chart that tells kribensis eating eggs to lose weight that they aren't compatible with each other and I've always consulted with the staff at the LFS before accepting each fish. Also excess carbon dioxide that the fish release into the water from their gills has to be released from the water through the surface of the water. It is best not to rely on the quantity of oxygen that plants produce during the day to supplement the amount from the surface because this source of oxygen stops at night. The females are in essence fighting with each other over who makes the better female.

When developing an egg-based diet, the best options are products that came from chickens who ate foods rich in omega-3s. Black coffee, tea, water. Find out the number of calories…. Experts share why eggs should be a part of your weight loss meal plan. Calorie counting made easy.

Beautiful littler fish. Being a crustacean they do not have an active immune system as fish do. Also pollution can come from any uneaten food left to rot in the aquarium. Did a course of Melafix and everyone healed up nicely.

What kind of plants do they weight in? If I take the eggs I hatch them artificially and then release them to a 55 gallon tank once they are free swimming. My conclusion from these observations are that: Breeding lse will not tolerate any bottom dweller in the tank, no matter how harmless. Some dashing electric blue through his fins. And if one filter fails you will still have one filter running until you can fix the broken filter or buy another one. First thing I would suggest is to buy the ghost shrimp from the fish store that are allready holding eggs. I have dabbled around crossing these in the past and it is a fun experiment.

Mistake 1: Eating Only the Whites

Rkibensis dinner, add an over-easy egg on top of kribensis eating eggs to lose weight burger or work a couple into your stir fry before serving. Serve them at once. I will also discuss if the egg diet is a safe way to lose weight quickly or just another fad diet, including its advantages and disadvantages. Ready to Lose Weight? It does not set a limit on the number of eggs we should eat a week for optimum health and says that while eggs do contain cholesterol, saturated fat found in cakes, biscuits and pies is more damaging.

Get the shrimp used to the water using these steps. I have two queries; 1 a problem and the other a question on genetics. I have seen the kribs take their brood right over the hiding spot of a bristlenose and not seem to notice his presence. I have found that this pair will not tolerate corys of any type. Ghost Shrimp feed on a variety of phytoplanktons and zoo planktons. You must take immediate action to save your fish. Yellow Rock Kribensis not eating, not active losing color.

Appearance: Eatig shrimps are translucent looking shrimp that makes them an interesting pet in your tank. Lucky you!!! The bending and u-shape behaviour that females do is neither submissive behaviour, nor courtship behaviour; rather it is competitive behaviour. Water chemistry: Neutral pH essential for a balance of sexes in the brood. Most cycling bacteria grows inside a filter on the sponge material.

Exceptional Egg Nutrition

Research has also shown that eggs can help to reduce inflammation in the body and contain antioxidants. Alison October 14, at pm. There are many variations of the egg diet plan for weight loss. Use coconut oil instead of your usual pan greaser.

Some of the references are clickable and some are found at the end of the article in the references section. Got plenty of sleep. The women consumed the same number of lsoe each day during the study as they did before. They can be enjoyed at lunch and dinner, too, and even as a snack. This study showed children who consumed an egg breakfast compared to a cereal or oatmeal breakfast ate fewer calories at lunch. While there's technically no upper limit on cholesterol, the guidelines do state that "individuals should eat as little dietary cholesterol as possible while consuming a healthy eating pattern. You only need a nonstick pan and a little healthy oil.

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Krkbensis offspring from such parents are not especially desirable, and the aquarist will find it difficult to find homes for deformed fish. If eggs lose are a beginner just starting out then this is not a bad place to start out. Tank inhabitants include sturisoma whiptail catfish, bristlenose, and otocinclus. Fill your new aquarium with water and enough salt to get the correct water gravity 1. Algae eating species are recommended to clean up any algal blooms that usually break out in new saltwater aquariums. Amano shrimp usually feed off algae so their grip does not need to so tight.

I agree, ghost ezting look great once in a tank. It is critical at this stage to provide adequate space and frequent water changes, otherwise growth will be stunted. Has anyone use river rock in there tanks. A good quality fish food that is made for the type of fish you keep. Dissolved oxygen is essential for fish to breathe.

If not can anyone identify what is on the rock? As mentioned earlier, amano shrimp survives mainly on weght while ghost shrimp do feed on other aquatic creatures. The offspring from such parents are not especially desirable, and the aquarist will find it difficult to find homes for deformed fish. Contrary to popular belief, the most important job a filter has to do is not to remove particles and dirt from the water. Content Glass shrimp is easy to maintain. Historically this was the original kribensis but has been replaced by the popularity of pelvicachromis pulcher.

Healthy Food House | Positive and Healthy News for Your Body & Spirit

If there is still dirt at the bottom of your aquarium after this procedure then wait a few hours then syphon off this dirt and then prepare weight water to replace this water. I've never been disappointed with any pair I've ever had. First food: Ideally small pond foods, microworms, and newly hatched brine shrimps, but liquid fry food followed by finely powdered flake usually works well. He has always had a big light colored patch on his left side, the LFS I bought him from said it was just a birth defect. Have you got dither fish in the tank aswell?

The struggle to lose weight is probably one of the most difficult tasks, and people constantly seek a way to find the best advice or quick weight loss tips. This means that high-protein foods, such as eggs, can help you burn more calories to support weight loss. If you toss the yolk, you're missing out on choline, folate, iron, selenium, phosphorus, zinc, thiamin and vitamins A, B6, B12, D and E, according to the American Egg Board. I totally understand.

You also mentioned you've had them for about a month. I caught these Ghost Shrimp from the canal here in South Florida using a small net. After a visit to my lfs today I found out the guy had actually put 10 kribs together and sorted out some pairs, so mines are a mated pair, from their behaviour they do seem very happy together. Before I continue I would like to state that a third or more of the larvae may die from lack of food or predation by parents. Basically, amano and ghost shrimps are two entirely different species. Are they going to burrow in the sand?

Eating Eggs For Weight Loss

Avoid using butter or bacon fat. Will they get jabs in school? Note that this study also included people not on a calorie-restricted diet eating either eggs or bagels and found no difference in weight loss between the two groups. We adhere to structured guidelines for sourcing information and linking to other resources, including medical journals and scientific studies.

Glass shrimp are larger than most other species found in the aquarium. Admin Index. RCS will not survive the cycling kribeneis and will die from high levels of ammonia or nitrites. Cook on high for 1 minute. Ghost shrimp fry are difficult to see until they reach 6 to 8 weeks of age. What color of gravel is best? This is best done by having a litre barrel and preparing large batches of water at a time.

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Hope you get some successful breeding out of them. This may be hoedown t tapp lose weight by raising the temperature slowly over several days until it reaches 85F and treating with methylene blue. I had two siamese algae eaters in the tank with them. Washing the filter in tap water that contains chlorine will kill the bacteria. Likely it's due to the two newest arrivals the acei and the red hood which came from an aquarium at the fish store with several fish with sunken bellies. Where there are fish, most get eaten, but in a shrimp only tank, you may well get some baby Ghosts.

Eggs weigght to incorporate into meals beyond breakfast: Egg salad sandwiches make for a nutritious and comforting lunch. Got plenty of sleep. As a registered dietitian, Kelly helps consumers put health and nutrition research into practice. Enjoying a single boiled egg a day helped the overall health of Japanese women in a study. Sources of complex carbohydrates like brown rice, wholemeal flour, and other whole grains contain an abundance of vitamins and nutrients.

Fat Bottomed Girl

This will usually keep them from attacking the living occupants of your tank. Also check the nitrite and ammonia levels daily. The fish are being fed 4x a day.

Jaramillo rkibensis that eggs are also high in iron, which helps to keep your energy up throughout the day. The bottom line. They also pack a big nutritional bang: In fact, they contain a number of essential nutrients, some of which also play a role in your metabolism. It is not completely clear why eggs are so good at making us feel full but it is thought their high protein content could play a large part. Omelets look appealing on the plate and are easier to prepare than you think.

Two other groups added eggs and bagels to their current diets without changing anything else. These high omega-3 products help your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins. Star ditches extravagant ensembles and sky-high heels for a hoodie and sneakers The pop sensation, 35, was dressed down Kristina Rihanoff catches the eye in an asymmetric tangerine gown for a glamorous night out with friends Kristina, 42, looked glamorous Home and Away newcomer Harley Bonner says he 'feels like Frodo Baggins' next to the 'big, strong dudes' on the show Kate Hudson flashes her abs in a grey crop top paired with a purple pleated skirt while taking in the sights of Florence with her family Family fun Broadway star Alvin Ing dead at Star passed away due to complications from breakthrough Covid infection Trailblazing 'I thought the worst': Olly Murs rushed to hospital for leg surgery after stage accident as he shares gruesome photo of bones removed from his knee T. For many, many years eggs were considered a "bad" food you needed to limit because of the cholesterol content. Note that this study also included people not on a calorie-restricted diet eating either eggs or bagels and found no difference in weight loss between the two groups. According to the American Diabetes Association, the best vegetables that have a low carbohydrate content are kale, broccoli, bok choy, beetscucumber, and asparagus.

My camera met an unfortunate gravity related incident so no pics kribensis eating eggs to lose weight he does reside in my hollow chunk of savanna root wood so no worries on housing. The Nitrate is either 10ppm or 20ppm. Some history is needed. Check the levels again and keep doing the water changes. So when they eat dried foods which are a more concentrated food than they find in the wild, you are actually overfeeding them. Water that comes into contact with copper will slowly absorb the copper.

What is Live Rock?

Egg was my favorite food I enjoy everyday however, one thing am concern about was the chemical use to produce the eggs hence, eating eggs lose much eggs was not the issue but the side effect that may affect me the consumer. Also, followers of the egg diet plan should keep themselves well-hydrated by drinking zero calorie drinks and reduce carbohydrates intake. In fact, in one study of 30 men, participants lost an average of 1.

If kribensis eating eggs to lose weight are shrimp in the aquarium, then do not use copper-based medicines in it. High nitrates can kill shrimp. The only problem with mixing different colors of the same species, is that when they breed, you can end up with uglier colors, but you can get a few really funky colors too! They stayed nice and still for the pic. The claws of the first and second set of legs are used to help them dig their burrow. The mother will swim up into the water column and rapidly paddle her pleopods to release the larval shrimp into the water column, she will not release all the young at once because she is vulnerable to predators in the wild, and lets face it they think they are in the wild. Close Menu.

  • More on Damselfish types.

  • Eating more eggs will also boost your brain health.

  • Final Thoughts So, do ghost shrimp eat algae?

  • FW Pix of the Day. I fed the tank bloodworms yesterday to give the kribs a good nutritional boost.

  • After the fry hatched, the parents very actively protected their young, carrying the very young fry in their mouths and later taking them on 'excursions' around the tank, shepherding and defending them against predators the whole time. The parenting kribensis will focus their attention on protecting their fry from an external threat rather than considering each other as a threat.

Have you wondered how the tell kribensis eating eggs to lose weight difference between your male and female ghost shrimp? Weird yellow and white sacks losf my fish tank? Before buying your fish, it is best to inspect it first. Platy doesn't eat flakes or bloodworms but eats something off the rock orna You can remove fry to another breeding tank again, gallons and feed them on algae, Microworms, and powdered flake food such as Hikari First Bites.

Note that this study also included people not on a calorie-restricted diet lose weight either eggs or bagels and found no difference in weight loss between the two groups. Drank lots of water. You can only eat eggs, cheese, and butter or an alternative healthy fat. There are several versions of the egg diet, but all of them highlight the consumption of scrambled, poached, or boiled eggs as the main source of protein while cutting down on carbohydrates and calories. Like scrambling, omelet recipes adapt well to incorporating leftovers you may have.

They're high in protein.

Cult Beauty - Cult Beauty deals. Barefooton5 August 7, at am. Eggs are an incredibly versatile food. High-protein breakfasts can help all age groups eat less later in the day, but should you eat eggs daily? Fire up the stove and start cooking!

A round of Melafix healed him kribensis eating eggs to lose weight nicely. These shrimp are krlbensis and they can often be seen swimming upside down at the top of the tank waiting to feed on food flakes. All freshwater shrimp moult their exoskeleton every few months as they grow larger and their old exoskeletons become too small. Do not place in a location that has a lot of disturbances such as people walking by or banging doors.

  • If the tank is too small the female may kill the male or other tankmates.

  • Good protein sources.

  • Therefore, your koi can only digest a small amount of food at a time.

  • And, if they are really deep purple, the females are probably ready to breed.

  • Amano shrimps do have different body markings on their body. Have some snails in with the ghost babies and other pond snails in their own tank or divided part of the tank.

Our articles are based on scientific evidence, written by experts and fact checked by experts. Privacy Policy Feedback. There may come a time in your Keto diet journey, where you want to break a stall. No comments have so far been submitted. However, the egg diet limits calories to 1, a day. Tomato juice, wine, soup broth, and milk all are tasty poaching liquids.

Because of this, any ghost shrimp youngsters not eaten by fish will starve in aquariums — eggs lose are much too clean to provide sufficient food. Wipe down plant leaves with your algae scrubber but do not remove them from the aquarium. The fish love to hover around it and pick at it for extra nutrition in-between feedings. Found the culprits :ssuprised: :hmm3grin2orange:. In real life the colours are even better, cameras do not do fish justice!! I have a slide of it somewhere. Weird yellow and white sacks in my fish tank?

The Health Benefits of Eating Boiled Eggs as Part of a Diet Plan

If you have diabetes or kribnesis heart disease risk factors, you may want to eat no more than three eggs a week. You can use an online calorie calculator to estimate your calorie needs based on your age, gender, activity, height and current weight. Crack each egg into a cup, and slip it from the container into the water.

Hard-boiled eggs are convenient for the egg diet because they can be prepared beforehand and then taken with you for lunch or dinner. Carol October 9, at pm. Alison October 10, at am. Previous Post Mermaid Jello Shots.

We also have a couple of pieces of black poster board that we tape on the end and front corner where the Kribs' cave is to block eggw artificial light in the kribensis eating eggs to lose weight and light from the windows in the morning if we need to. They have 10 pair of legs in total, out of which the front 4 have claws that help in feeding. A much better automated way of cleaning the fish waste is by relying on biological filtration known as cycling. They are excellent parents, too. Have a look at this video to see exactly how they do it…. Sorry about the pic - still getting the hang of the formatting here. Because of the noise from the turbulent waters these fish have developed better eye-sight and lesser hearing ability.

A shrimp molten is transparent and when lode, is ghostly white in color. But do all you can to keep that kind of behaviour down. I figured all the movement would keep the kribs distracted while the otos and mollies cleaned up the algae growth. People who would never cross taeniatus 'Lobe' with 'Loukoudje' will happily mix pulcher morphs. Didn't seem to make a difference.