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Had a great experience and some wonderful interactions. He promised to kiss me under the Eiffel Tower quite a few years ago.

William Murphy
Sunday, August 28, 2016
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  • I enjoyed the other tour members; everyone was very nice and friendly. Kerrville, TX United States.

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This is my second time doing this tour and it was just as great as the first time. July 28 I liked feeling like a "local" when we moved as a group. The trip was very organized from start to finish. April 12 ,

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  • Hotel was very nice and in a great location. The extra guides were all excellent, as well.

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I got to experience not only French history, but French culture as well. It dsme a trip of a lifetime for my daughter and me. June 10 Our hotel was a small, family owned hotel similar to other Rick Steves hotel choices. Notre Dame Parish Videos Sorry, we did not find any results for your search.

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  • Julie was fantastic along with the others!

But truly, the overall experience was "wow. Our guide made sure we felt comfortable using the metro so I felt empowered to go places. November 15 We had a fantastic visit to Paris. The tour guide made it so fun we felt like life long fans of PSG.

That's not to say I didn't thoroughly enjoy the others it's just that Paris cast a spell over me. December 9 Breakfast was fine. We loved that your tour is the perfect combination of group and private time.

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Efficient public transportation led to the ability to explore and revisit several areas from our tour. Best of Paris in 7 Days is another home run by the Rick Steve's team. The hotel and staff were wonderful. Favorite "WOW" moment "Our favorite WOW moment was at the Louvre, seeing all the paintings that the artists were capable of expressing their talents during difficult times in their lives. Enter the code as shown below:.

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So many assumptions get challenged and you have to change the way you think. Walking the Champs Kerrville and climbing to the top of the Arc de Triomphe was a fun afternoon for us and the Seine River boat ride at night and seeing the Eiffel Tower flickering with light was lovely. Our guide Marie was wonderful and was effective at dealing with unpredictable situations like protests, memorial services, etc.

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I am so grateful to have had this wonderful, immersive trip. Terrific from start to finish. Are You A Church Administrator? I had not done the river cruise before, that was a highlight. The tour was enjoyable.

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I loved how she tried her best to get us as close to Notre Dame as possible. It was very entertaining as well as being informative. March 18 We enjoyed our first visit to Paris.

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Favorite "WOW" moment "Marie was great, her knowledge was awesome, as was the other guides. Be on your feet, walking and standing, for up to three hours, indoors and outdoors, in all weather conditions. We walked down to the Queen's Hamlet - what a hidden jewel! May 6 Great guide, good itinerary, great food, plus free time to do more time in museums like we wanted. Excellent tour. Maintain social distance at all times.

Would have been interesting. Standing there at midnight with a glass of champagne seeing the tower sparkle and surrounded by new friends was my wow moment. Our guide, Arnaud, was an absolute joy to have teach us about Paris and life in France. This was my third Rick Steves tour and did not disappoint. I loved having the metro pass and museum pass and being able to go wherever in our free time.

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She kept us on schedule and delivered an exceptional experience around the city of Paris. Get Important Updates Click to Subscribe. Yes Recommended Yes Recommended. The discussion of the evolution from pre-Impressionist to post was very good. That is Paris. August 22 My Catholic Hosting.

This was our first Rick Steves tour; kerrvil,e we had taken Rick Steves tours before. He is a wealth of knowledge and did a great job of explaining history, wine, the French language, etc As the moon shone on the pyramid below, we realized it was once-in-a-lifetime moment. Add to calendar.

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The perfect balance of Paris highlights with our tour mates and free time to explore on our own. The buildings, lights and weather were incredible. Good tour packing a lot in during the 5. Magical for our family to experience this together.

I felt thrilled. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our Paris tour experience. Very close to the Eiffel Tower too. The architecture, the art, the food - so many things that made it such a special week.

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August 11timss Entering in the moat was astounding, I had no idea of it's history. Our local guide was fabulous! Getting through the daily itinerary seemed to be a requirement;hence I felt we were pretty much on the march most of the day without time to absorb moments of interest. There was an error removing the file.

So special. Be on your feet, walking and standing, for up to three hours, indoors and outdoors, in all weather conditions. We had a good balance of free time and tour time so that worked for us as well.

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Loved how our hotel was so close, we could put every evening and catch a glimpse of it! The ratio of group to independent time was just right. Perfectly planned and designed to get the best out of each day. Better than I could imagine. I love Paris. There was a good balance between tour time and personal time. August 18 ,

Denomination: Roman Catholic

I got to interact in a positive way with local people on this trip and that was amazing. Paris was drizzling and chilly and very crowded. She was smart, friendly, full of information and seemed to enjoy herself as much as the rest of us did. January 7 ,

March 10 Julie was fantastic along with the others! November 24 The tour provided daily demonstrations of the irony intimated in Shelley's Ozymandias, how that irony expanded--sacred places and objects that had become curios, shards of civilization that are revered without comprehension. We look forward to celebrating the joy of our Christmas with you all at Notre Dame! I enjoyed every moment. The tour truly covered the best of Paris.

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  • The food in Paris was great and the arranged meals were awesome.

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On almost maws corner Paris offers such moments. I dame kerrville so surprised, I didn't have time to panic or react in any way, really. It's fun to see how others celebrate. The hotel was great, cozy and friendly. In case you wish to book pre- or post-tour hotel accommodations, the contact information for the tour hotel is included in your tour confirmation email as well as the Itinerary section of your tour account.

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Great Rick Steve's guide and great local guides. I'm a single traveler so I feel the extra charge for a single room is a bit steep as well. It is one thing to print a schedule, another to make it work. The staff and service is excellent. Lovely hotel, too!

November 22 The hotel location was perfect. Loved the boat trip in the evening down the Seine with the lights of the mass times notre dame kerrville along the shore, seeing the landmarks from the "other side" and even a band playing. Chris and the local guides made it all very accessible but I learned so much as well. Patrick took us to one of the oldest restaurants in Paris and we ended up at the Eiffel Tower to have some wine and a toast with new friends.

It kfrrville exactly what Mass times notre dame kerrville would expect from Rick Steves. The way the tour is organized gave us ample time to spend more time at the things we wanted to see more of and teaching us how to use the metro gave us the ability to do that independently. One is not better or worse, it's just different. She did a very good job of teaching us how to use the Metro.

This will allow for some overflow, but we ask all to make reservations. Get Important Updates Click to Subscribe. February 10 Notre Dame Parish Properties Sorry, we did not find any results for your search. Our tour guide, Rebecca, was wonderful.

This was no exception. January 6 Loved everything about the tour format. Sleep with street noise and no or weak air conditioning. Our tour guide knew so much and taught us a lot about the area and the history of the country. The full length windows were open and a beautiful sunny day was outside.

  • February 23 ,

  • Rebecca had so much passion, energy and enthusiasm for the French way of life, this was passed along to us. January 26 ,

  • February 25 February 23 ,

  • First, waiting by the Seine for the boat tour after sunset, the tower was lit in gold, accompanied by a clear sky and a lovely crescent moon.

  • Favorite "WOW" moment "A wow moment

August 1 The staff was very friendly and helpful. July 18 In case you wish to book pre- or post-tour hotel accommodations, the contact information for the tour hotel is included in your tour confirmation email as well as the Itinerary section of your tour account. August 15 ,

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