Healthcare Assistant in Ho Chi Minh City for Motorcycle Patients

The citizens of Ho Chi Minh City prefer to use a motorcycle for long distance journey around Chi Minh. It gives them the fun and satisfaction of having the first-hand experience with nature. Due to fatigue at one point they tend to be careless in riding causing accidents that some are fatal, for the few that survive, they are forced to spend the better part of their lives in hospital or nursing injuries. A nursing assistant comes in handy to offer support and essential nursing care services since the limbs are the most affected hindering their movement.

The training they receive gives them the heart to empathize and offer the nursing services with passion. At one point, they become permanent caregivers since some of the motorcycle patients have a permanent disability and they cannot bathe and walk themselves. After a doctor gives the prescription for the patient’s a nursing assistant helps to administer the prescribed drugs at the right time.


Some of the main basic services of a nursing assistant to a motorcycle patient include:

  • Bathing and clothing them
  • Assisting them to take their meals
  • Monitor any changes and vital signs that show deterioration of their health
  • Ensure they take a walk if they can or take and remove them from the bed and to the wheelchair
  • Provide the right tools for them to urinate and release human waste
  • Clean and dress the wounds from the motorcycle accidents
  • Ensure the beddings are cleaned and changed
  • Ensure they reach the operating rooms or laboratory for tests for further medical attention

This job requires passion and a hard heart since they have to ensure the patients cling to the hope even if the situation seems doomed. The action of a nursing assistant should nit show some sense of hopelessness.


Who can be a nursing assistant in Ho Chi Minh City?

As long as you have completed your high school education, you are eligible to undergo the nursing assistant training. The training equips them with supervised clinical operations and basic nursing codes.

After the training, one is posted in busy hospitals as an intern to prove his skills away from the supervision of the lecturers to ensure he practices all the basic principles in the healthcare sector as well as prove he has mastered the concept of policy, rules, and regulations in the health sector.

As part of their evaluation, they have to take an oral, written and a practical exam to get the certificate of a Certified Nursing Assistant.


What is the guarantee of a job after completion of the course?

Any healthcare can employ a nursing assistant but in most cases, some use them on a need-to-need basis, but home-based services are available because of the permanent disability of the patients after a motorcycle accident. The package depends on the level of the hospital but the labor relations department has a standard minimum figure for all nursing assistants in Ho Chi Minh City. One can opt to handle both home based and contractual nursing assistant jobs to increases their income.