Medical Mission in Vietnam

Most of the medical mission in Vietnam comes explicitly in handy to support the needy people from the rural and the urban poor In line with their government policy, this project is implemented using local organizations or Non-Governmental organizations as the core partners.

XO’s Ho Chi Minh city tour comes in handy as an ideal place to have a touch of remote sites at the same time handle the medical mission. Apart from the purpose, the stakeholders can also take a tour and have fun with the city.

In most cases, they occur around March to November when the weather is favorable and also the children are home for holidays especially when the medical mission programs target the children. This is a rare function, and it needs proper planning and awareness creation lest the locals think that the medical missionaries want to take advantage of them.

The local administrator takes sole responsibility, and all stakeholders in the medical industry must be involved in the success of the mission.

In fact, this is a function that occurs once in a while so proper planning an inclusion is required to make it successful. Some of the planning procedures include the media campaign Awareness through the churches and local institutions Inclusion of all relevant stakeholders Diversity in the profession.

You must use both the print and social media to create awareness of this medical mission. In fact, the Vietnam Nation daily is the best media house for such a campaign. The local radio stations, as well as word of mouth, will also place a significant role in the marketing process.

At times. The poor may have no access to information from the mainstream media. This is why you have to include posters and advertisements in churches and other religious institutions. This even makes it better since referrals through word of mouth also become vibrant.

The health industry has diverse professions from medics to paramedic as well as the assistant. The purpose of this is to show inclusivity since most of these missions take place in the remote parts the professionals from the native communities makes the people own it.

In fact, they may even understand the condition better since they can also communicate in their local language.

Of course, you will not be able to treat all the illnesses on the spot. Some need further investigations and tests which you must be able to make a referral to accessible health institutions. Some of the medical professionals include surgeons, lab technologists, nurses, among others.

At one point, you may have a team of doctors specifically for a specific body part of the eye, or ear This is the time you have to specify in the advertisements and just in case it is a free service or not. It must be stated.

Accommodation for the health professionals is also paramount since most of the medical missions were run by donors from the European or American continents. The organizers must stay within the venue t facilitate their timely arrival and coordination of the purpose.

All travel documents must be certified before announcing the dates to avoid last minute rushes. This is one event which allows beneficiaries to have a medical checkup at their convenience and a subsidized cost. Locals must take advantage of the medical camps to gain all the benefits. You must have all the necessary equipment and drugs to ensure the satisfaction of the participants.

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